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Monday, 25 February 2019


I am still hooked on Blender 2.80. It's still in Beta so no installer yet. I am currently engaged in lots of other stuff.
 I look forward to Mondays as GOING POSTAL has a maths lesson. These are hard adding up and taking away, much harder than anything I have done.
Euler's Pentacostle or some such theorem proved but I suspect only in this iteration.
 Going Postal's previous article was about killing American Indians. Not very nice, they were annoying proper folk but I notice that we Europeans get blamed for everything by Black and Tan tinged folk. If our forefathers hadn't bought slaves from their peers they would be relying on Oxfam in Africa today. Daft buggers they are, both the Africans and Oxfam. The latter maybe not so daft as it provides them with remuneration for their sexually predatory habits. Africans  could do with some serious mathematics. Oxfam could do with serious genital mutilation.
I am playing with an automated automaton that will drag a title sequence into a video title on a bit of rope or chain. The rigid body physics I am finding very complex. Mine keeps going belly up. Not computer crashes, Adrian crashes. Dozens of them. I don't like modeling precise stuff in Blender but have tried modeling 3D gear trains in FreeCAD and importing them with little success. I use Obj. file extensions. I'll try some others and when I find one that works I'll keep it a secret. For five minutes. All the young folk, working on amazing stuff like the Steam Punk title sequence used in that lunchtime political programme know it already. Smart arses they are; bet a pound to a penny they have a degree in Welsh studies, Sheep shearing, English Literature or some such. Happen I should get one. 
This is how it starts. I coloured it in as I like colours and have just found out how to do it in Blender.
These are Blender gears. I don't think you could pop colour on different bits before without texturing. As you can see the bevels don't mesh the bevel angle is 45° and they are at 90° to each other. Bless my soul and I'll go to the bottom of my Nan's stairs. I have settled for Boolean joining up. The lower bluey green bit is three bits booleaned. I got rid of the shafts as they were causing problems. I'm sure I labeled them as passive but really can't recall as I got very muddled up.

I have some snaps in glorious HDR  for photographer of this year in Auchtermuchty, not in a National Park. Also a Kwizz.
 My dogs and Dozer the Labrador.
Snow drops with rain.
A bit more forest. I like this lens, it's manual focus and cost an MP's salary without the 200% they add on for living costs. Bastards!
The Kwizz. Anyone know what this is? It weighs over a tonne and I fetched it from Aberfeldy. It works on a big excavator. I'll get some video of it doing it's stuff.
Have fun.


  1. I see all the words strung together but I cannot make hide nor hair of them. You are a man with a scientific bent, Adrian, if I ever saw one. It must be tough going through life with a scientific bent. The photographs are marvellous, as always.

    1. Bob, I'm definitely bent, I'm not weird bent, well maybe a bit. I admit to having carnal aspirations from time to time. Had a delightful lady staying on the campsite this weekend, she pressed all the right buttons. Good job I don't work for Oxfam.
      I wish I were scientifically bent. I still have friends who are mathematically brilliant, I know what they are talking about but the speed they dissimulate at leaves me in a whirl. One got some Moon dust from you lot for checking summat to do with the deceleration calculations when you popped those daft buggers on our moon or maybe brought them back. Bringing them back was probably much harder. I'm not in that league and neither is he anymore; a brilliant brain addled by wacky baccy.

  2. You'll be getting invited to join UCIP at this rate.

    I'll pass on the maths ta.

    I'll have a go at the scarrifier thingie which I'll guess is for removing the top surface from roads. It's certainly not for cracking nuts.

    1. Graham, I am considered by many to be a far right, fascist, literally Hitler person to some. It seems beyond their capacity to understand that Hitler was a socialist. Socialism sounds great in theory but people are not like that. It gets trashed by the oligarchs who think they deserve more for doing nothing with other folks money and then the normal folk suffer.
      It's got silly here, we now have far too many chiefs and not enough Indians. We certainly have far too many Muslims. Nasty bombing blower uppers. Shoot on sight like we do foxes.
      I'll look at UKIP. Does UKIP advocate sending them into labour camps like the socialists do with folk that don't conform to their ideology? Not to worry the red brigade will slaughter another million or so in the vain and deluded hope that socialism will work next time.
      It does look similar to a road planer. I bet with a few more teeth it could work on concrete bridge decks. Did you know that the first layer of tarmac on a bridge is red? that's the first they lay and not the first bit you see and drive on. Not common knowledge but it saves a Muppet on a big machine chopping into the bridge when they are resurfacing.