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Thursday 14 March 2019


This title sequence is done as far as I'm concerned. It is fully adjustable for colour and opacity. I have found a few tutorials that have got me out of trouble. The main one being here.
He solved the opacity problem which boiled down to using Alpha Clip. Something I have used before and forgot to use this time.
Thanks to NASA  for the images without which this would be impossible. Here are the ones I used and they have been resized so that Blender can handle them.

I didn't use the Albedo one as I didn't want colour. If you make your Earth sphere about 3 to 5 times default size then you don't need to UV unwrap the globe. Just bang the image texture straight in. You may have to swap it's mode from Linear to Spherical but I didn't.
The globe and text will pop over any still or video. I made some quick clouds just to show it off. Very quick clouds. Horrible clouds.
I will get back to gears now.
I thought it was done but I don't like the Lat/Long grid showing on the inside of the land masses. I could delete those bits but it is time consuming and a far from elegant solution. The text mesh is not brilliant but hardly a problem for video and anyway is easily solved. I have made this from two spheres The grid being fractionally smaller, both spheres are children parented to an empty which I then used to animate the earth. Both spheres have a mask, one being the inverse of the other.

I will leave this for a day or so but any help or advice would be gratefully received. I ought to join a forum but the trouble is the young guns there can do such stuff in their sleep and they use wurds I don't fully comprehend. It is never ending is this 3D malarkey.


  1. Looks grand to me. We are always more critical of our own work than the more casual observer. The main 'problem' is the Lat/Long linesbeing so much brighter at the back. If they were grey they wouldn't stand out so much.

    1. John, I did try that but had to add an emission shader to the node tree to get them to show on the edges. I like using HDRI lighting for video as it maintains interest without having to track the camera. There is a mask in there that ought to stop it showing on the inside. I'll try reversing the normals. I bet it goes pear shaped. These folk that do it for a living must be brilliant. Blender is very powerful and the render time per frame is about 1.5s. The quality is fine for 2K video.

  2. seems to be interessant but I don't understand all !!
    by the way, my images are not composite images on my last post
    only reflections ! the first in quiet waters !

    1. Marty, I wish I understood it all.
      I guessed it was just great photography as I couldn't see the joins. You have what I will never have and that is the artists eye.