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Monday 4 March 2019


I've had a busy week. I entered my seventieth year, I had a big computer whoopsey but that is sorted. My desktop has never been so organised. I do create folders for specific files and then for some inexplicable reason I dump all sorts into them. It makes finding stuff a bit of a challenge.
I have several videos on the go and am still enjoying Blender 2.80 Beta. They upgrade it on a daily basis and I get a new version about once a week. It always improves. I have found a different screencast add-on which is more like the old one if not better. It has the odd foreign word but then I'm sure they'll sort that. Loading third party add-ons seems much easier; one can, in most cases, just drop the Zip file in. I found out accidentally, perhaps one always could. This works if you use WinZIP, not tried 7ZIP or whatever it's called but folk on Linux are capable of loading a bit of code. I'm still struggling to get 2.80 to accept maths functions and old Python scripts. There is still no installer but then one wouldn't expect one with a Beta version. If anyone would like a Howtodoit let me know. It's easy once you have done it a couple of times. Today's video is a short attempt at explaining how to use the light from an HDRI without it's image.

Have fun.
ADDENDUM. 06/03/19
I added this image. It needs a mapping node to scale it popped between the Image Texture node and the Texture co-ordinate input. The light on the cube is from the HDRI.
Politicians heading into Westminster.
I have scribbled round the bit that makes the texture. The noise with a bit of jiggling and a B&W ColourRamp can make excellent clouds for a background.


  1. Replies
    1. Margaret, I really try and ignore them theses days but Thank you.

  2. Congratulations on reaching your 70th, Adrian. I agree, birthdays do tend to be non-events these days.

    Enjoyed this latest clip from you - fascinating, although I'm still resisting going down that path!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. 70th year Richard. I'm 69 or maybe 96. This blendering is an acquired taste. Thanks.

    2. Oops! Should have read what you wrote more thoughtfully. Sadly, 69 is just a distant memory for me!

    3. No Worries Richard. Half the time I don't know who I am.

  3. Belated birthday wishes Adian.
    A fascinating effect. You make it look so easy but I reckon there has been quite a learning curve to get that far.
    I guess the plain background can be replaced with a still picture or even a video.

    1. John, Thank you.
      I have added a still picture in an addendum to this post and also generated a pretty pattern.
      I don't know whether you could add a movie clip, I suspect not easily. I would render the gear with an Alpha channel. Transparent they call it and I've marked where you select it under Film. Save as a PNG file or multiple files if it's animated. PNG is the only format that I know supports an Alpha channel. Then pop it above your movie in any non linear video editor as an Alpha Over layer. If you want loads of posh effects like lens flare, masking or loads of others you will have to use the Compositor. It's sole purpose is supposed to be VFX but I believe it was invented to confuse folk.