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Tuesday 14 January 2020


I am enjoying learning to use the Tissue Add-On developed by Alessandro Zomparelli but I think I need to give the matter a bit more thought as I have managed to stop my computer a couple of times. The issues with Normals I had are cured and for those of you that either pause/ or watch the video full screen and notice some aberrations in the texture during the first wipe transform these are down to the EEVEE render engine. I could render using CYCLES but would have to run the job overnight and not in the few minutes this render takes.

Here is a pretty video. 

I'll include the following screen shot.
The job starts with the yellow Torus which has lots of modifiers on it. I got these from the tutorial it isn't hard but one has to be comfortable navigating in Blender and have half a clue what they are trying to achieve as these posh folk do go quickly. Running YouTube at half speed can help. The blue object is a cube with the faces extruded and then deleted. One selects the cube (it ought to be renamed for clarity, I'm a messy worker) then you shift select the torus and press tessellate, it is top right in the viewport window and found by pressing 'N' and selecting EDIT; Blender does get better but like Adobe, Maya and all powerful software has many annoying idiosyncrasies. Select the resulting purple tessellation, it will be part of the torus, shift it somewhere else and apply a Smooth modifier and a Solidifier Modifier. I didn't do the latter for the video as I had too much sub-division going on for my machine to handle but it does it fine now.
If anyone is interested I'm going to model something a bit more interesting like a proper tiny bit of Coral or Lichen and fathom out how to animate it growing. This is a great Add-On, thank you Alessandro.
Now I must rush, I'm late again for sheep foot trimming duty. It's a vile job but I noticed a couple with Trench Foot yesterday. Not surprising with all the Global Wetting we are having.
I'll be on my bike drecktly poppet.


  1. Fantastic. Amazing what can be produced on a modern home computer with a bit of knowledge, expertise and perseverance.

    1. John, I do fail regularly as does the machine. I do find this sort of stuff interesting. I see after years in the doldrums Blender are now doing work on the VSE. It's handy being able to edit and compile the videos all in the same software.

  2. Utterly amazing model, Adrian. I look forward to seeing the results of your coral exercise!

    1. Richard, I've seen a few of these. The result is infinitely variable but I find it difficult to visualise the finished job. It will become easier the more I do. The Nike snakeskin advertisements are done in Houdini I believe but they are a similar concept.