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Wednesday 1 January 2020


It is the start of a new year. Grand it is to be here but it is a bit chilly.
I have made a few resolutions for this year.

  • I will carry on smoking.....Someone has to pay for our NHS or World Health Service as I have heard cynics refer to it. Reprobates who dare to pay for private care think it is the EHS; the 'E' apparently designating employees.
  • I will not become vegan as I like and enjoy looking after Sheep, Pigs and Cattle. It is not my fault that they are made of nutritious lamb, pork and beef. I would also find it very difficult to comply with vegan grooming and dress standards whilst doing anything useful as I think hipster beards look weird and don't suit grey hairs, I can't dye my hair a silly or any colour as I have very little and painting my scalp would be a step too near to lunacy. As for skin tight trousers.......Well they have always been for ladies and poofs.
  • I will not believe so called climate change science or that it is science. Throughout my life I have been threatened with all sorts of rubbish. It started with a nuclear holocaust and crouching down under ones school desk; we were aware then that Mr Mold spent an inordinate amount of time adjusting the girls into the best survival position. Dirty sod.... When that failed the globalists and socialists went on to rising sea levels, global warming, global cooling etc. I refuse to be lectured by Greata Thunderpants or the Royal Wombles. The former is special needs and the latter are just a bit thick/borderline special needs. I will ignore all false prophets and take my chance. 
  • I will hope that we leave the EU and cleanly. Then we can start putting our own house in order. A free trade island off the mainland would be perfect. Ireland is a problem but then when hasn't it been, it's like a sidecar on a motorbike. A pain to drive but they have to remember we have the engine and brakes. The Germans always need a good slapping but the French will generally do as someone tells them. Unfortunately the other EU countries or states as the EU would like them to be will fall in line with the Fourth Reich. Unless Deutsche Bank folds then I can see it getting very messy again. Don't give the cabbage eaters an army or fuel. 
  • I am getting better with 3D stuff but it is and will always remain a work in progress.
  • I really would like to start building single cylinder two stroke engines like the old Maico 450cc engines. I see someone is making a crust building the wonderful Matchless G50 engine from billet. This is but a pipe dream a silly pipe dream, totally unreal, worse than my imagining going for a pie and a pint with Uma Thurman.
Here is a short video. I wanted it to go up and down in steps to reflect the difficulties faced when a population dares to defy the establishment but couldn't UV unwrap the up bits. Or if I did those perfectly the flat bits were all streaky. Bastard.
  Something else to learn.....Bloody UV unwrapping. I tried everything I know......Enough said.
This is the video all flat like a status loading bar. The star spangled sphincter is being replaced by a proper standard, The Union Jack.

I like France but can anyone explain why they have a Foreign Legion, the buggers are foreign.
That's all for today. 


  1. If the French are Foreign the what other legion would they have but a Foreign one?

    When I went to the hospital when my Mother-in-Law was taken in and diagnosed with lung cancer the first thing she said to me was "My daughter will walk in as say 'I told you so.'" Which is exactly what she did. But after decades of chainsmoking day and night the only real surprise was how she managed to get that far. Se lasted a matter of weeks from beginning to end. Didn't cost the NHS much at all.

    1. We smokers over pay but it's good to have a choice.

  2. Thank you. Your list makes me feel not so alone.

    1. Rachel, move north; we do have the SNP loons but they are sane compared to most folk I see on TV and hear on the radio.