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Tuesday 21 January 2020


Fourier was a French nineteenth century mathematician. I have been trying to link sound to the movement of an object and his name popped up. I had a look at what he had managed to do with basic sine functions and could understand bugger all of it....... I blame Wikipedia so had a look on that American site Wolfram whatsits. At least they explained it but converting it to code was beyond me. You can have a look if you want WOLFRAM.

When one considers that folk think a retard like Thunderbird worth listening to and non mathematicians like that bloke off spring watch pontificating on climate then we have a problem. These folk are so stupid they have to rely on feelings, virtue signalling and the buggers backing them have a big profit and well deserved loot at the end of the day. Pay a few and get thousands to accept the lunacy. The biomass on here is for the main part pulverised trees from Canada. Not a patch on British coal. I'm not surprised as the Canadians have done sod all with the place since we stopped trapping foxes and got kicked out.

You can look at this anytime HERE. Not a pretty picture unless one is raking in billions from the poor to sustain ones dream of renewable. We are okay here as if the grid fails then we have a big gen set overhauled by me. I like messing with big diesels. 
 Sod this unreliable so called green energy. Ask yourself what is going to happen to thousands of non bio-degradable twenty year old turbine blades. I can tell you they will be broken into forty foot lengths and sent to Bangladesh. The Muzzies there are magicians when it comes to waste disposal, they take the money and chuck the crap in the sea.

Anyway here is a GIF of what that cunning Frenchman Fourier came up with, I suspect that snowflakes don't care but it has been expanded by intelligent folk to make graphic equalisers and all sorts of things that baffle me.
At least he had the sense not to include the third dimension. I did say he did it with sines but he cheated and used a cosine. Naughty it's the same as as sine but shifted 90° on the X axis. I'll forgive him as he didn't have a computer. I bet he had a very wealthy brother, lover or wife. I can't imagine working this out with a quill pen whilst looking after sheep.

Have fun.


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one who couldn't make much sense of all that, Adrian. Way over my head, I'm afraid.

    1. Way over mine as well Pauline. I am a bit busy at the moment but hope to have a dancing balloon soon.

  2. Carney is rubbing his hands together going to make lots of green money.

    1. He is Rachel. He is far from alone, the globalists are just exploiting the stupidity and emotional feelings of the snowflakes.