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Monday 28 September 2020


 Following on from the last post I decided to try some HDR the proper way, I've not been bothered for years. Off I set with camera, tripod and cable release. I didn't venture far and shot three images at -2EV, 0EV and +2EV, that's two stops under to two stops over in old money. I fouled up and had the camera on summat daft, it has to be on manual and then one juggles about looking at histograms for clipping. I got there in the end but it's a good job I don't shoot weddings and funerals anymore. I can be an idiot.

The originals, they could all have been taken up one stop as I don't have any serious blow out at +2EV. It's a dull, misty, rainy day. Perfect for realistic images. I popped them through Photomatix Pro 5 and the results were awful.

Horrible no matter what I did and the ghosting of the tree on the right is unacceptable.
I thought the emulsion in the algorithm had possibly become a bit old so I downloaded the Latest version, Photomatix Pro 6.2, this was better but is watermarked because I couldn't remember all my sign in stuff. It must be the thick end of ten years since I used Photomatix. I used to love the surreal effects but have grown up since then.
This is much better. I like it but it took some fiddling about and I doubt I'll be buying the software.

I then ran the same images through Efex HDR which is part of the Nik collection, it's what I usually use for my images of machines but I use only one RAW image and not three or more as here. It used to be expensive, then it was free when I got it and now it costs again. I like it, I think it's about fifty quid which is nearly free. 
This is not natural but it is reasonable and I don't find it objectionable. There is no limit to what you can do with a RAW image in HDR as long as you don't blow out the highlights in all your images, if you do then the jobs a cuckoo and the blown out white will be replaced with neutral grey. There is usually enough information in the darkest shadows to rescue the job. That's why when shooting in aperture priority I set the camera to one stop under. It's a bit like film, easier to push than pull.

Here are a few more from this mornings efforts.
The dark, dank drier shed with one dog, If you don't use anti ghosting you will get three. She's looking for rats. This is just tail end stuff for the pigs. Nowt wrong with it but it has too many ears or whiskers for the Malters. A bit picky they are this year. It would dress fine but it's not worth bothering. The pigs will eat it and it's cheap food at sixty pounds a tonne. 
This one is using photomerge in Photoshop. It sort of does the job and only has a few sliders which is a help. I really must give the camera sensor a polish. I am spending as much time cleaning images as editing.

I'm going to post these images as I don't have YP's email and he is one of the countries premier snappers. This is awful HDR.
I feel for the lad. They really should get a proper photographer in for publicity shots, image is important. Poor bugger looks about ready for the cardiac ward. He needs an image consultant, if one can't grow a beard don't try. Looks like he's got mange. In the navy you were given a week and that applied to WRENS as well. Tatty beard and off it came.

This is my version colour is fine, exposure reasonable but I would ditch this one were it for publicity. The boss praying over his pan and the sous chef fiddling with his cock is not a good look on Blue Peter or in any kitchen come to that. Never ever point ones camera at a television screen in mixed light especially if shooting JPEG. If anyone wants to know how to get a reasonable image from broadcast media then feel free to ask. I'm here to help.

Have a good week I'll leave you with this.



  1. Ah the days of HDR. I remember all your help. Surely it wasn't 10 years ago. I've just looked and I have Photomatix and Aurora but I've no idea when I last used either. Perhaps I should try it again some time. It used to be good fun. I've just remembered the last one I did was of a tractor. I must see if I can find it.

    1. Graham it is still popular but most folk incorporate it into their normal workflow and Photoshop does the job for that with their photomerge.

  2. All I remember is SLR and everybody having a Zenit B and a light meter in the 1970s. I never could do any of it. I had a Kodak Instamatic. Now I have a phone that does it all. Bosh boy looks like he could do with a good meal and an early night.

    1. Poor lad is not a good example of the advantages of a vegan diet. Imagine what he looked like before he went through makeup. He really doesn't look at all well.

  3. Ages since I had a dabble with HDR. I see my Canon can do it 'in camera' taking the three photos at different exposures and then processing them together. I haven't tried it yet to see what sort of automatic result it delivers. Overcast days aren't the best for HRD, are they?

    1. Be interesting to see the results from the new camera.
      Overcast is fine for flowers and insects but landscapes are better with early or late sunshine.