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Wednesday, 30 September 2020


 Were psychiatric help available during this pandemic, which apparently is the worst since biblical times and so bad that one has to be tested to see if you should be feeling ill, I would consider popping down to the nearest funny farm.

Today we have experienced constant rain, I decided to occupy myself creating a Roots Blower or the rotors for one. I have no idea why.

I did this in FreeCAD and then exported it into Blender hoping for a better render. No such luck, it still looks as if some idiot chopped it out with an adze. It's not lack of geometry as I've seen perfect renders from FreeCAD made things. I'll look into the matter and see if I can sort the job. I have subdivided the mesh and done everything I can think of. There will be a solution but I'm loath to go onto the forums as the helpers use big words that I don't understand. Not to worry it's only playtime.

This made me smile.

Have fun, wash your hands, dowse yourself in petrol, suck a Fisherman's Friend or whatever they've dreamt up for tomorrow.

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