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Thursday 1 October 2020


 It's been an eventful night. I couldn't sleep for pondering on the awful mesh render I posted yesterday. Eventually I thought to look at export settings in FreeCAD Preferences, nothing there of any relevance. I went to bed, not for long, I had no sooner dropped off to sleep than there was one hell off a commotion. Alf had his dew claw caught in the keyring thingy on his collar. He's a real wuss and was growling and whimpering, Moll was barking in sympathy, bloody chaos it was. Sorted him out without amputating his leg and all was well again.

 I couldn't get back to sleep so got up, gave in and started looking at FreeCAD forums. The settings I needed are in Preferences, Import/Export but to get the one I wanted I had to be in the Mesh Workbench. Silly me. Dropping Angular Deflection from something silly o'clock to 2 and Deviation to 0.01 and the job looked better. 

This is yesterday's effort.


Not perfect. It's good enough I think. These were imported into Blender as an OBJ. file, they would probably be better as an STP. file but unless I can find an Add-On for Blender it won't accept them. 
Frustrating though producing computer generated images can be, it is a never ending voyage of discovery.

I am half inclined to model and assemble a cutaway blower, I'll try and animate it in FreeCAD, If I have any success I'll make a little video of it......Don't hold your breath, I suspect it may be very advanced CAD. First a siesta is in order.


  1. The only things I understood in this post were dew claw and siesta. It is good for me to read your blog because it keeps me from thinking of myself more highly than I ought to think.

    1. Bob, you having read my ramblings on one cuckoo after another I would expect the opposite to apply. The studios and design companies that do this for a living are rarely one man bands, I suspect the discipline is to broad for one person to master. Too broad for this person for sure.

  2. I understand needing a siesta, I bet Alfie needed one too, poor thing. Hppe he wasn't too traumatised.

    1. Alf is traumatised if he sees a wasp. He is a wimp.
      Never got a nap as some clumsy idiot ripped the track off an excavator and I had to go to the purveyor of tracks for a new one. Fortunately I didn't have to install it, it's a horrible job.

  3. I'm looking forward and see the video ! must be interessant to do and to see !

    1. Marty, I have never used or tried to use the animation feature in FreeCAD. I'll see how it goes. I enjoy making little videos.