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Tuesday, 20 October 2020


 This weather is enough to give one the heebie geebies. It's warm enough for the time of year but the damp is striking right into my bones. I took the camera for a walk about tenish, the leaves are falling fast and they are unlikely to put on a stunning display this year.

These photos have been given a bit of a push but I have done my best not to go too extreme. I love editing images and usually go far too far. That reminds me that I haven't calibrated my monitors for months, not much point really as I do very little editing for other folk these days. No point at all if Blogger folk don't calibrate their screens. I was considering an HD monitor, the aforementioned applies. I did a snapping job a couple of months ago and found that the publicity folk were quite happy to edit the three dozen snaps supplied on a thumb drive in either camera RAW or TIFF. Same money for 60% of the work. Sometimes it pays to be shite at editing but I would have preferred the customer not to put it quite so bluntly. Bloody Scot, racist he was being. He wouldn't have dared say that to a Towel Head or Dindu. Got his head chopped off he would.

As good as it's going to get.
A very bright Sycamore.
A damp Highland pony. I like these little beasts, there are about a score of them in the glen.
I love this place. I just wish I could get a good snap of the waterfall to the right of this image but it's in a big hole and my days of holing are over. Perhaps I could send the new improver down there but he has not had a good week. He dropped a big rock from the dumper which didn't improve the looks of the Merc van it was arrested by. Fair enough, we all need to be given a good slap from time to time, it concentrates the mind. Then he said I know how to service a diesel, he changed the oils and filters on a vibro roller and the mini-digger and filled both to the brim with oil. The roller tried to consume itself when started. Fortunately he had left his jacket on the roller and I smothered the air intake with it whilst shouting get away. The mini digger we checked. I don't think letting him loose with several grands worth of camera stuff is worth a snap. 
He's a nice lad but having never been called a thick, stupid fucker before he gets sulky. I suspect he either won't last long or he will learn. I am not a patient person but I said to him don't say you can do something if you can't. Nobody expects you to know the stuff we know but it costs thousands of pounds if you say you can and you can't. You have multiple career choices where it matters not a jot. Prime Minister, MP, Civil Servant, consultant to a Quango, boss of a quango. Even a health expert. He laughed, thought I was joking. Doesn't he watch the news?

This is how our betters make millions now. The 'now' is superfluous.

Never ever let a good manufactured disaster go to to waste, they are useless, crooked but far from stupid.


  1. Aye. I think any chance here of some decent autumnal photos are long gone. Learning to admit you don't know something only come with age. By then most of the mistakes have been made anyway.

    1. It has been a dismal year made worse by government but then everything is.

  2. We have just had our first dry day in six weeks and suddenly Indian Summer is back and it is 18 degrees.

    1. Rachel, we get the odd sunny day but it is generally grim.

  3. I think we are having a better than average spring, not quite as changeable as usual. Oh dear, I feel a bit sad for the young fellow, it takes so long for some of them to realize, let alone acknowledge, that they don't know everything.

    1. Pauline, I think he started work late in life. He is twenty, given luck he'll make twenty one.