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Monday, 5 October 2020


 It has been one of those days. Moll had me up most of the night and I haven't a clue what was wrong with her, seems okay since lunchtime so I guess it was just a dose of Covid either that or Paininthearseitus. I went into Cupar first thing as I needed some bearings for the topper deck, I'll fit them tomorrow as I am going to see the horses anyway.  Decided to listen to Radio 4 as I suspected the REEEing over the GEOTUS having a drive out would be spectacular, I wasn't disappointed, The BBC's twat in Washington was almost hysterical, hoping that the God Emperor hadn't murdered any of his security chaps or the driver. Jon Soapy was just being Jon Soapy, he was hoping for the opposite. I was waiting for an updated version of his catch phrase "Fuck the Tories"  it went down so well with the children at Glastonbury.  "Fuck the Donald." would have been an instant hit with the lefty morons worldwide. I then switched to Classic FM as it's cruel to mock the afflicted and their derangements.

Sunny with heavy showers sums the day up.

I'll stop playing with these EFEX filters, I don't really like the effect, I see in the second image that the Neeps are being eaten by Leatherjackets (It shows in the light green/yellow patches), one can't win, this crop was sown direct and it stops the pigeons eating the seed but ploughing and limeing helps reduce the Leatherjackets and Cockchafers. Acelepryn kills them quick but it's been banned for years now. If it's fine tomorrow afternoon I'll get you a picture of one.

I have made a start on a three lobe blower.

I will pop a twist in the rotors and possibly make the gears as double helical, this will stop axial loading and allow for roller bearings. Spur gears would do the same job but backlash is then an issue. The rotors have to be very close but never touch, I'll see if some kind manufacturer has some drawings I can steal. I have done a quick case for this lot but there isn't room to show it. I think it will make an attractive animation. Keep me busy for several hours regardless.

Have fun.


  1. R4 was my choice of radio channel for many years but haven't been able to stomach it for a couple of years. I mostly listen to Classic FM during the day and internet British Comedy channels evening and night. There are several channels which stream old BBC radio comedy programmes such as Take It From Here, The News Huddlines, The Skivers, The Burkiss Way to Dynamic Living, Round the Horne, etc.. All from the days when comedy made one laugh out loud as opposed to making one cringe as they do nowadays.

    1. John, I'll investigate your evening listening. I don't have TV so this sounds good. I feel sorry for folk that have to pay the BBC to watch television. Feel even sorrier for people that think their output is relevent.

  2. I stopped listening to Radio 4 in the '90s. In the morning it's Radio 3 for me these days. Until internet radio we couldn't get Classic FM. Commercial stations don't like sparse audiences.

    1. Graham, can't say I have ever listened to Radio 3, I'll give it a whirl. There was a time I enjoyed things like Round Britain Quiz, and Pop Master but I tend not to bother these days.

  3. The photographs can show you a lot. I would have said the different shades in the neeps showed a wet patch or something. I gave up with Radio 4 news and current affairs, which is quite a large part of its schedule each day, some years ago when I detested Eddie Mair so much I couldn't have him on in the house. I prefer silence mostly.

    1. I rarely listen these days. I tune in as I enjoy listening to losers. Cruel but entertaining.
      I couldn't find any leatherjackets so you may well be right.