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Saturday 10 October 2020


 I am running on the spot if not sliding backwards. I really will have to get some of the projects finished but I have an awful lot of other stuff on. I took these snaps on the last walk with the dogs today, nothing special but not too shabby either.

I went to the horses this morning and forgot to get my shopping so stopped at the Co-Op on the way back only to find they have started making us queue outside again. Bastards! I'm beginning to think our politicians have a death wish, mind you they are pretty safe as excepting election time one never hears or sees anything of them. I had a bit of a row in the line as three of us were having a chat and the chief whipper in came out and told us to stand on the chalked lines. I told her very politely to fuck off. Poor lass it's not her fault so I apologised when I had purchased my stuff and offered her an M&M by way of reparation, cheeky bugger took two. I didn't have to wear a mask and the staff were similarly unadorned so that must be the diktat for today. Masks, I just can't understand the need for them, expecting a mask to catch a virus is like expecting a cargo net to catch a midge. If some folk are fearful I suggest they either stop at home or turn the television off.

I'll shut up now and get back to the big book "Troubled Blood." I'm enjoying it but haven't much left to read. Despite the high initial cost it has worked out about average in entertainment per hour.

Have a good week.


  1. The top photo looks quite Autumnal but I can't work out whether it is just the sun on the trees or whether they are really changing colour, it might be a trick.

    I haven't seen any bodybags around here yet.

    1. Yes the leaves are changing. We've had a couple of frosts. These images are shot under exposed and as near as I can tell a true representation of evening sunlight.
      I think that we must live in covid free areas some places are really badly hit and have bin lorries coming round daily shouting "Bring Out Your Dead."