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Wednesday 28 October 2020


 I haven't been a happy Blogger for the best part of a month. Years and years ago I got squashed and from time to time suffer the consequences. A few weeks ago I must have trapped a nerve in my shoulder and it's been giving me real gyp, I've taken Ibuprofen and Naproxen by the handful but what I really need is Dihydrocodeine but that means seeing a quack and I don't really want it's opinion on smoking when I have a trapped nerve.

Yesterday the dogs had a haircut, I take them to Kinross Services as the dog lady has a posh shed in the carpark. On the way back I called for a load of cement and whilst unloading it must have mended my shoulder. It's not half as bad today.

This is Alf looking very smart, Moll looks similarly well groomed but she has gone walk about.

The following video really ought to be chucked in the bin but I will post it as it shows what happens when I'm playing with various ideas. I have nothing better to post today.

I'll get a video out for Bonfire Night which I doubt will include any of this. Many artists have RA (Royal Academy) after their name but I have PA (Piss Artist) after mine.

I'll leave you with this.




  1. I thought you meant you'd had a bad blogging experience in the last month. But you didn't. I'm glad about that. I don't wish them on anyone. Sorry about the shoulder. I don't wish to be told anything a doctor has to tell me either.

    1. Rachel, I cut down on the number of blogs I follow. Blogging is manageable these days and I find it enjoyable. Few others like my posts but that suits me.
      I am not against medics but the NHS needs a good sorting out. It appears to be run for the benefit of staff rather than for the benefit of the population.

  2. Alf is looking as sprightly as he ever did. I thought the video was quite impressive but then I've never even created a GIF. She's strong!

    1. She is Graham, just as well she's not pulling a Tedder the baling would be anyhow.