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Wednesday 7 October 2020


 First thing this morning I was playing with one of the many projects I have on the go, I decided to try and create some animated sparkly, tinselly stuff to add to my Christmas tree. I had everything set up and in hand and then realised I hadn't used Animation Nodes for a good while and an update and re-install was probably in order. This is not a simple matter as one has to delete them from Blender, close Blender and then delete them from the Blender Script directory, pain in the bum. It's because they are still at the experimental/development stage but they don't need compiling these days. Thank God. I tried doing the compiling malarkey once and found it near impossible, never again. Clever folk do it everyday but not those working for the Government recording the data on the Chynavirus in an Excel spread sheet. They get top dollar are thick as mince and are worth pence.

To test the node tree I used a simple cylinder. Then got ambitious, imported a 3D Hand, I looked at my hand and was horrified, after all these years the prophesy of my scripture teaching curate had seemingly manifested itself. Bloody Hell! He warned against Onanism,  I should have listened. I needed some medical attention and quick. I'm feeling posh so an Air Ambulance. No fancy panel van with a cot in the back, dayglow paint, flashing lights and an expensive horn for me, thank you very much.

 I then realised that my phone doesn't work here and an email was unlikely to be considered inside a week, most likely a month or two. Even if it were I don't think sparkly hands are a symptom of Batflu and the flu is all they are interested in treating. I find it strange that they are currently testing healthy people to declare them poorly whilst being loath to treat folk with sparkly hands or anything else, if they also have a bit of a cold the poor sods are buggered. Daft medics. Maybe not so daft as they get paid regardless of the work they do. 

 Pound to a penny you would have been alarmed. I got a video of it developing.

I did pop a bit of music on but it has disappeared, such is life. I have found the tune, bloody thing was playing hide and seek. It must have been a GP in a previous incarnation.

That's about it for today I'll leave you with this from Andrew Lawrence.


  1. Very effective and festive but is there a cure for it?

    1. Yes John, Just disconnect the viewer node.

    2. PS. John, the node tree uses the Lsystem and is almost identical to the set up that I used for making the snowflake ages ago. It just has another branch on the Z axis and the iterations are constrained....to three in this case, if I go more then the computer says no. I think it will look okay on a tree.

  2. I look at my hand and get alarmed at the number of wrinkles. I'd really freak out if they sparkled.

    1. Pauline, you would be justified in doing so.