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Friday 30 October 2020


 I haven't an artistic bone in my body so would appreciate some advice.

Ignore the reflection, I'm thinking that a few ripples will do the job with that or possibly lose it as the fire will not reflect. I am unsure about the text.........BONFIRE NIGHT?......GUY FAWKES? At the moment the fire is being emitted by the text but I'll try emitting it from a flat plane under the text and use the letters as an obstacle with the fire flowing round it. This is low resolution for playing with, it requires very high resolution to get the flames to cling to the type face. Probably not worth the hassle what with the machine crashing every few minutes. Whatever is decided this will have to go in front of the rocket bits as it will have to be masked in the compositor and masking the fireworks will be a hopeless task.

 I have sorted the rocket, no sparks going the wrong way now. I'll probably make it wriggle on the way up for no other reason than I can. It is also possible to make the sparks change colour from white to yellow to red then black over time but I suspect that may be going a bit far.

Here are the flames flaming, the sound needs cleaning up but I can pop the track through Audacity for a bit of a polish. I haven't used any smoke but I could have a bit or a lot if the fireworks look iffy . Rendering this with an Alpha channel is a pain and I've not tried it with EEVEE. Cycles render engine will take for ever so is best avoided if at all possible.

The world gets dafter. These are Covid toes...Really they are.

Looks more like Gout or the result of getting you foot under a horses hoof to me but then I'm not a doctor.

Do they hurt? No.
Does it make your toes fall off? No.
Does it go away after a while? Yes.

In which case feel free to fuck off and stop printing rubbish.

Have fun.


  1. Well if it doesn't hurt then it ain't gout! As to what you call Bonfire Night or November the Fifth I really don't care (but not Guy Fawlkes). I just enjoy the end results.

    1. Graham, I'll keep plugging away, looks like the makings of a grand day here. Tomorrow heavy rain again and I have horses to do, they will be in and it takes ages mucking out with them helping.
      I think I'll settle for Bonfire Night.

  2. The flames are very ferocious and menancing. Much more than just a bonfire night.
    Remember Remember the Fifth of November. The Fifth of November on its own is a bit nothing.
    Bonfire Night mostly around here or even
    Firework Night

    I played the fireworks going off last night on your previous post and it frightened the cats. I think I did write a comment but then didn't post it. Well it's not there anyway.

    1. Bonfire Night I think Rachel.
      The firework sound is actually a clip of some military stuff. I chopped it about. Apologise to the cats. It must be quite realistic as both dogs were looking out of the window for the firework, they enjoy fireworks.

  3. The toe business works on some people like Cro, it will give him the heeby jeebies.

    1. The MSM have much to answer for, it's evil to frighten folk. I just can't work out what the real agenda is or where they are getting all the test results from as from what I have seen there are more folk at a Biden rally than there are waiting to be tested.

  4. My gout shows as a large lump / swelling on the big toe joint. No bruising shows. That reminds me a bit of what happened about 10 days after my flu jab. For no discernible reason I had a few blood vessels in my left hand break. That did show as red, then blackish areas. Fortunately it didn't recur.

    Thoughts about the flaming video - it would be great if the lettering eventually caught fire and burned down to ash. Maybe a rogue rocket at the end of the display could fall on the letters. Probably too much to ask for. The reflection would make sense if the display was on the banks of a river or pond.

    1. Thanks John,
      Sounds as if there may be a bit of truth somewhere in the Telegraph's article.

      I don't want the video to last more than a couple of minutes. The flames are basically the same as the smoke and water I played with when the Mantaflow system first came out. The settings will key frame so I'll play with varying the flames. Disintegrating stuff is no problem. I'll look into the matter. Yes the reflection is naff and worse as the flames don't seem to want to reflect, it can go. I'll draw up a story line and work to that. A rocket and exploding letters would be a dramatic finale. Thanks again.
      I like Blender and though the video editor/compositor works it is very slow with multiple tracks and split audio. I think I'm going to have to use Davinci Resolve which is very good. More workflow and shortcuts to learn. One thing all this software has in common is a plethora of keyboard shortcuts which are part and parcel of the job but do take some remembering, made harder when swapping between different programmes.