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Monday 2 November 2020


 Happy November, it's a new week and a new month. I have been a bit busy what with one thing and another.

I am still playing with a video for Bonfire Night and it is causing me serious grief. Perhaps I should look on it as added entertainment. The main problem I have had with the fire is the cache or bake not clearing properly. I thought it was me but after looking on a couple of forums it is a little glitch in Blender. I save the Bake to a folder on my desktop and can clear it but not overwrite it cleanly so any modifications come out all stupid. The answer is to clear the bake then left click in the resolution box and right click. One hasn't altered anything but Blender thinks you have.

Things still need a lot of work but I have a couple of clear days so should manage something.

Here is the progress so far, perhaps it ought to be lack of progress.

I currently do all my video editing and compiling in Blender and it does a fair job but is slow even if you create Proxy strips. The compositor works but again it is a bit limited. I tried DaVinci Resolve a few years ago and was impressed it is a full commercial grade programme, it's free since BlackMagic cameras bought it so I downloaded it again. I haven't time or don't think I've time to learn it for this video but I'll keep having a play and hopefully start using it as my primary editor.

I suspect it's VFX or special effects will require far fewer work rounds than the same jobs in Blender. I hope so.

I see we are still saving our NHS. It's about time they started saving us or in other words doing what they are paid for.

I wonder where Capt. Tom's hard earned money went?  I hope it wasn't pissed up the wall on Diversity officers, choreographers or HR crap. 

I hope to be back on the fourth with a firework video, the way things are going a middling to shite one.

Have fun.


  1. My experience of hospital donations is that they fester in suspense accounts for years while committees argue about how they are to be spent and the ethos behind the donation. I said this at the time but many people wanted to disagree with me. We shall see.

    1. I couldn't see the point of his efforts but do applaud them.
      The NHS seems to do little better than it's predecessors but at exorbitant cost.