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Wednesday 11 November 2020


 The weather here is awful, warm, foggy with the occasional downpour for variety. The place is a swamp.

When the mood takes me I have a look to see what is coming along for Blender. 

To find this page go to Blender.org>Downloads>Experimental>Experimental Branches. All these are compiled. Stuff even more recent can be found in Github but I can't use those things as I can't build programmes. I have tried using VisualStudio but always fail.

After clicking the Download you will get a Zip. file open it and click on the bit that executes Blender. This is now obvious has it has a coloured icon. If it doesn't then selecting the largest file seems to work just fine.

You then have to go to Preferences. To get there click Edit>Preferences. Then go to Interface and check Developer Extras. The little box bottom left will appear saying Experimental, click it.

A new window will appear and you can check the branches you want. I wanted to have a play with Geometry nodes. It is early stages for this and there isn't much there. It does scatter particles over a mesh reasonably but the Boolean bit seems completely anyhow.
 This is supposed to be a cut using a cone and cube....It's doing something but that something is a bit silly. Neither use to man nor beast. The transition node works fine so that's a start.

Today is Lidl day. It looks as if I'll have a car full as I have messages from folk everywhere. Half a dozen small conifers, a dozen Heathers, four jars of thick cut marmalade (if it's less than 50p/jar.), four boxes of mince pies (big ones), plus varying quantities of other stuff and then it's up the road to Aldi for their malted bloomers. I need bread so must get enough. 

The man is an idiot. God help the world.


  1. By the time you've done every one elses shopping you will have had your fill of getting out more.

    1. John, I stopped doing shopping for the glen on a regular basis in June. The initial panic died down and everything is almost normal here. If anyone is going to Cupar or Glenrothes then they usually say if you see them, I have just got in the habit of returning the favour.