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Friday 27 November 2020


 I have spent over thirty six hours in the last twenty four messing about with this and it still only works a bit. I must have been a state employee in a previous life. I've never met one that doesn't do a sixty hour week and I've never met one who doesn't regard sick days as holiday entitlement and to cap it all most of what they do is like this.....Crap to mediocre.

This is all part and parcel of my Christmas video development programme, it isn't going well. The following video is all new for me. The last bit, which apart from the usual foul ups, could be rendered with an Alpha channel and popped into any other video, it shows promise. I do enjoy this malarkey but it does test ones patience. I saw a tutorial by SARDIPAX . It works but wasn't what I was looking for. Then I remembered the old hoardings that had vertical strips rotating and showing different stuff like Embassy Cigarettes one minute, some lass in her underwear the next and Castrol GTX as a finale before it started again. I thought an equilateral triangle would do the job. Lots of sticks of them with a different image on each face. They all have to rotate together and register precisely and herein lies the problem.

Here is the demonstration.

It has possibilities. I am beginning to suspect that were I to use images of brickwork and not totty the job would go faster.

This is the bit I didn't like it is made out of lots of cubes with one face scaled to a point to make an isosceles triangle, an image on one set of faces and another on the other. It's an interesting exercise and works as one would predict. 

I then made a stick with an equilateral cross section. arrayed it, separated it by loose parts and used independent origins so as they are rotated through 120° you get a new face to unwrap and pop an image on. I don't know what I got wrong but much like the experts at UCL I guess I popped rubbish into the machine and was rewarded with crap out. Unlike experts I recognise the process needs further consideration.

Have a good weekend and try and remember the rules.


  1. The section where you angle it from side to side (3D?) reminded me of those picture cards made years ago which showed different pictures when you tilted them from side to side.

    1. John, yes exactly the same principle. I have polished up the second version and will attempt to parent the triangular sections to an empty and use that to drive them.

  2. Agnie, interesting is one way of describing it.