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Monday 30 November 2020


 I have got the hoarding thingy working perfectly. It took me some time but with a re-think of the workflow I have got there.

I notice sunspot activity is increasing, Not before time as I could do with some global warming, I noticed this GIF on, I think, Space weather yesterday. It's a solar flare and very impressive.

 It looks a bit too warm there.

Here is the new video with a bit of basic geometry thrown in for your edification and education.

Have a good week and I recommend pleasing yourselves what you do. If folk on BLM and revolting extinction gatherings are immune from the flu then I suspect we all are.


  1. Replies
    1. John, there has to be an easier way. I will try it using Animation Nodes and see if I can get each panel to rotate with a delay on. That would give a ripple effect.

  2. It reminds me of the changing window display at Top Shop that I photographed with girls walking past it and posted about once. The girls sort of blended in with the display. Anyway Top Shop have now gone bust so I won't be photographing that again. I see the flu brigade are still scared about something although I have no idea what.

    1. They are two main classes. Those it suits to have a week or so off self isolating and those who like to be told what to do as thinking is either hard work or they lack the equipment.

  3. Agnie, they are beautiful but I suspect they are too high maintenance for me. Just as well. it would be suicide at my age.

  4. I've now remembered how bad I was at Maths at school. And I haven't learnt a thing more in all the time since then either.

    1. Pauline, I was lucky in that out of four maths teachers I had one who could explain stuff. The others were worse than useless. Looking at the youngsters coming into work little has changed. I tell them it's not their fault they are ignorant as teaching is one of only two professions that require no qualifications. The other is the oldest profession.