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Tuesday 1 December 2020


 Molly isn't a well dog, she seems to want cuddles and though she has always appreciated a quick hug before bed time she now wants attention at all times. She is thirteen and still lively but having her climb on my chest for attention every hour during the night is getting a bit wearisome. If I am imprudent enough to explain, using special words, that now is not a good time she sits and shivers and I then have to hug and kiss her. I guess it is old age, a minor stroke or stagnation of the lungs. Something to worry about but not worth doing anything about but accepting life is finite. Alf is fine though he made a tactical error a couple of days ago. We had erected one of those portable three reel electric fences to keep the lambs in the neeps and before I could shout NO Alf had pissed on it. What a yelp. It saved me testing it so a good dog. I don't mind electric shocks but those fences are vicious.

Blender 2.91 was released sometime last week and seems fine, I ran it in Alpha and Beta versions and it was usable back then. There are changes galore but the interface has also changed a bit. I really don't like UI changes as I get used to using shortcut keystrokes (Tippy Tapping) and it's a pain re-educating my fingers, like a qwerty keyboard being buggered up. Not to worry It's far easier than switching between software.

I quite like the new splash screen, looks a little bit low poly for me but it's bright and cheerful.
I am still building videos in Blender but know deep down it would be quicker in the long term to switch and learn to do it in DaVinci Resolve. I sometimes wish I were younger, everything is a struggle but there again my life always has been. If I master something then I tend to look for the next set of goals. I hate predictability.

This morning I popped over to see the horses, the police were stopping cars coming off the motorway. I don't know what for as they waved me through. I was tempted to stop and enquire why but thought discretion the better part of valour. I have a head light missing and my number plates are obscured by filth. I thought a megga bucks fine not worth the fun of taking the piss out of the Stasi.

On the way back I called at the Co-Op to post a parcel for one of the grooms. There were a couple of old folk standing outside gossiping and another lady came up and said are folk queuing again. I said I doubt it these two are just catching up with each other. The bloke then turned on me and said something really weird.

I said well shift then as I've a job to do made harder with folk chatting in shop doorways.

"DISTANCE and where is your mask?"

I replied that as he was wearing one so what was his problem. I refrained from special words. Though you can't educate turds was on the tip of my tongue. I waved the other lady in and she said you first if they kick you out then we'll wait. I walking in, asked the checkout lassie if it was fine and she said. "Course." Went back to the door and told the lady it was fine and the checkout girl said. "Employed by the Co-Op now are we or should it be is one." Told her to fuck off and for her education it's are. Cheeky little minx taking the piss out of the English. Far too familiar are the Scots at times.

 It's great living here. This was the first time I've seen anyone frightened for months. Since I stopped shopping for folk who really expected to find freezer trucks collecting the dead in Muchty. Not that those folk thought two seconds about the poor bugger prepared to shop, those popping stuff on shelves or those loading pestilence suppurating cadavers to protect our NHS.
 Its about time the media and politicians were lined up and shot.

I see we have gone back to the protecting the NHS narrative. Up here it is worse they are getting a half grand bonus for doing sweet bugger all. The NHS is like the coal mines were, not fit for purpose. Looking at our generation capacity, we are close to running gensets or candles but Hey Ho that is socialism. Nothing can work if it's nationalised and why globalists think expanding a flawed concept requires more grey matter than I was endowed with. It's Marxism and will take some defeating. So many snowflakes and far too few ice crystals,

I'll be okay as I know some useful things and get by with selling them. I have a 5KVA genset which will keep me toasty warm and a big tank of cheap diesel. I will be alright Jack.
 I have even got to appreciate the lack of the old coil and distributor on engines and embraced coil over plug, crank sensor set up. Likewise fuel injection. ECUs are easily calibrated with a computer. I'm not as happy with common rail diesels injectors that are impossible for me to rebuild and cost fifteen hundred quid but like a new iteration of Blender I'll sort it when I have to.

Have fun.



  1. The police were setting up a road block here the other day. One waved me to slow down as I approached him putting cones out. I slowed and then he started waving me frantically to slow down again.shouting. I put my hand up to him and drove on. I wasn't speeding but I've got one of those cars that looks a bit boy racer-ish, or girl racer-ish, attracts attention. I was thinking of you when listening to the radio this morning because the traffic "what's happening on the roads" is always full of stuff in Scotland, accidents, roads closed. Glasgow, Edinburgh road,Highlands, anyhere. This morning it was major accident near Aviemore. Chaos. Road closed. They must drive like maniacs up there I thought. I had similar experience at petrol station to yours at the Co-op, two old women blocking the door, one said I couldn't go in because there were already two people in there. She shouted at me. I said bollocks and went in. Nobody in there when I got in and anyway there's no rule about numbers. Old people with not enough to do, busybodies. I enjoyed your day. My cats are all clingy at the moment, climbing all over me and then tonight they had a big fight between the 4 of them, never known that before. I had to split them up. Sorry the comment got a bit long.

    1. It's a bad time of the year here. One can be rolling along all fine and dandy at a steady ninety and all of a sudden there is ice everywhere.

    2. Re a steady ninety, mph or kph? If kph, good. If mph, bad.

    3. Bob, it's bad if one gets caught.

  2. I feel I've known Molly for so long, I do hope she is OK. I'm sure she couldn't be in better hands! Alf gave me a chuckle with his little misadventure. I can still clearly remember the last electric fence hit I received and it was over 20 years ago.

    1. Molly has good days and bad. She has been fine the last couple of days. It has snowed so that will cheer her up when it gets light and she notices.