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Wednesday 23 December 2020


 I have nothing to do today as the injector throttle body hasn't arrived for the quad. I am thankful for small mercies as it's freezing out and not much if any warmer in the shed. Its also a wander into the unknown.

 Last night I started thinking about a New Year video. I have the tree and big moon thingy as a backup but thought filling a glass with a toast then having it spill over as the glass got smaller would about sum up our lives as we are being brainwashed to accept what is being dictated to us is normal... It isn't. There are no excess deaths. The near useless NHS is there for them and not for you, Start thinking. Freedom is being eroded and fast. The science is bollucks. I can see it coming to fisticuffs if they piss us about much longer.

I found a YouTube post by this barking mad chap at CG MATTER. It explains nothing useful, not really true. It's just a matter of sorting the CG from the Matter or visa versa. I find him educational and amusing. I looked, looked again and after a half dozen looks, away I went on another voyage of discovery. 

I have got so far and thought I'd share how far as I've precious little else to do. Wish I hadn't as it always takes me a couple of goes to add audio. The dogs decide to chomp food, then I make it worse by shouting special words at them. Today was a belter, just got into take three after having threatened the dogs with rusty, red hot barbed wire on a pointed stick and the sodding battery died in my Zoom microphone. It's a bit of Hi-tech plastic with chips, stereo mics and stuff. Nothing to do with the Zoom everyone seems to be using to ameliorate and enjoy their enforced incarceration. 

Yesterday a young lass at the stables offered me a bite of her Christmas cake, it was in her piece along with a sandwich and a Mars Bar. I hope she doesn't contract premature old age. I hope I don't get worms from the horses she was seeing to or start having periods. Both are unlikely occurrences unless you have guaranteed income by working for the State. Normal folk have immunity from regular sensible things.

This video has draft/cheapo materials and can be visually improved no end. I hope. 

I used to hate manipulating Bezier curves but am slowly getting quicker and more accurate, the more I read about their foibles the better I get. I can on a good day with a following wind run them to dimensions. I can't think of an easier way to create a morphing glass or anything nicely curvy. 

Here it is.

Once again have a good time. See you soon.


  1. Love a morphing glass. Mine does that sometimes! Merry Christmas!

    1. Pauline I'm glad I saw this demo. They are fun.

  2. I like the video because it's quite fun the way he/they did it. Did you notice Jonas even left a comment?

    I perchance saw a bit of news last night and guess who is still spokesman for Imperial College who are advising the Government, none other than Neil Ferguson. So we are being held at gun point by IC and nerd idiot Ferguson whose motives I won't go into because I haven't got time or space.

    1. The bloke is a raving loon but I find him entertaining.
      These people never get sacked. The lack of accountability is what I dislike the most.