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Monday 14 December 2020


 The bits are working but the scene isn't.

This is the scene. The snow falls, the moon glows, the hoarding has one image on out of three and indexes perfect. The trees could do with some leaves but that is an easy job. 

The problem is the hoarding looks daft stuck in a bit of snowy ground. It doesn't matter where I pop the camera it still don't look right.

I did pop a wooden frame round it but it looked worse. I tried separating the panels, it looked worse. I think I'm going to get rid of it make the ground mesh much denser and use a displacement brush to write a message in the snow, take me back to my childhood, one thing we boys could do that girls couldn't. I quite like the dead tree look. I still have over a week so no reason to panic yet. 

Moll seems to be on the mend, Alf and I are fine. Nothing else to report other than I couldn't find a fairy for the Christmas tree, I suspect vegans are few and far between round here. I hope this will suffice.

I think I am developing a bit of a thing for my haircutter. I met her out walking yesterday and she looked a bit lame. (I am encouraged to look out for lame and then I have to trot them up and down, whilst an expert equestrian checks). She says she's wricked her back but the walking was doing it good. Just as well as the vet costs a fortune.
Have a good week or what's left of it.


  1. I like the dead trees and the shadow and light. Very Renaissance. All it needs is the three wise men and a few shepherds and a stable.

    1. No chance Rachel. It will get some writing in the snow and be done.

  2. Well done to your working bits. The hoarding might have looked better if it had been held up with a couple of poles to raise it a bit above the snow? I assume your snow message will be an appropriate yellow colour.

    Great to read Moll is improving. Penny is looking a bit under the weather. Might be a reaction to some anti flea and tick medication she had this morning. It was a chewable block which she gobbled down OK. It is said to work for three months. Another visit to the vet later in the week to have her blood pressure checked as it needs to be kept down to protect her kidneys.

    1. Thought of that John but it's out of keeping with the rest. I enjoy the proper adding up and taking away bits but am useless at the arty part of Blendering.
      I only use the One Spot stuff that you drip on their necks for ticks/flees it does put them off their food for a day or so now I use it sparingly, in practise maybe once every couple of years. I can usually limit ticks by brushing them down with my hand whilst the little sods are still in black spider form, easy on white dogs and nipping them out when I feel them. A quick spray with the sheep and horse fly stuff seems to work with no adverse effects. Hope Penny gets better. I don't think there is much worse to cope with than a sick animal.