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Wednesday 30 December 2020


 Monday was bin day, blue bin day and round here that means landfill. I rarely pop things in the blue bin and it didn't need wheeling down the hill to be emptied or at least I hope it didn't, the lid was frozen shut and despite belting it with a fence post it remained solid. I have an old ice cream tub for compostable stuff which I chuck on the midden from time to time. I decided to empty the tub on our morning walk and noticed the heap and been turned exposing many tea bags which appeared to be as good as new. I must get round to investigating the matter. To compost tea bags or to landfill them. I'm sure there must be a government diktat on tea bag disposal and if not I suspect there soon will be.

It was a cold morning with lots of icy patches on the glen road, the main roads had been salted after a fashion. On my way to the horses I called at Kinesswood to pick up the injector throttle body but there was nobody about. 

This was the view from the machinery dealers yard. Loch Leven and the Ochils. The horses are on the snowline just right of the centre.
A new tractor, some yolk as they say round here. McCormick X8 a giant machine. Despite the name it isn't Scottish but Italian.

Tuesday dawned to a sprinkling of snow, the glen road was easily passable but little if any gritting had been done, like a skating rink it was even in town.

I do enjoy this crisp clear weather.
The new boots doing their job. No slippy over for me.
Alf wandering along, he's always the last.

It's another cool start and more snow is forecast. I'm going to Kinross later for a bit of horseing.

 The New Year card is not going well but I may get it done tomorrow. I saw the haircutter in the forest yesterday afternoon as they have shut her salon again. She told me that when recalibrating the TPS on Suzuki injectors you don't need the diagnostic software or a laptop. The port for the laptop is under the seat and if I short the two end terminals and switch the ignition on then a little bar will appear in front of some letters and numbers on the dash, the throttle position sensor is just nudged a bit till the bar is in the middle. Whether or not the new throttle body has arrived I'll try this and see if it works. If it does I'll give her a Polo mint. A rare thing is a haircutter who is also a petrol head.

Have fun.

In other news.



  1. I tried composting tea bags a few years ago and had the same result. They looked pristine after months in the compost heap. A quick Wikipedia search said that tea bas are commonly made from filter paper or food grade plastic. I guess we may have the plastic ones.

    Love your views up there in the wilds.

    1. It is a conundrum. I wonder Greta hasn't got on the job.
      There are some good views and they tend to be appreciated on the odd days one can see further than half a mile.

  2. I was going to say what John has just said. I no longer use teabags but on the odd occasion I have to (for people who drink "fruit teas" - yuk) they go to landfill. Even the 'compostable' ones have plastic sealing.

    1. I tried fruit teas, they are either very strange or an acquired taste. Probably both. This teabag business ought to be addressed by the powers that be. Could keep them gainfully employed for months.

  3. Good to hear of a haircutter who is also a petrol head.

    1. All her family are motorbike crazy. I had asked her husband to look into the job for me. I suspect she knows what she is doing or hopefully between them they do.

  4. I've had the same teabag problem her, too, not that I drink a lot of tea but when I do I prefer loose leaf brewed in a teapot. Your view is stunning although I can't see the horses. Your new boots certainly have good tread!

    1. Pauline, I sometimes wonder where I've been all these years. I've never noticed tea bags were bomb proof before. The horses were still inside, that and you would need good eyes to spot them at six or seven miles.