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Friday 4 December 2020


 Today I had a new haircut. Took all of five minutes but she did a good job considering I was piss wet through, smelly and ten minutes early, I spent the minutes productively; admiring her bum and legs and trying to recall the conversation. I really like seeing the thick tights and miniskirt on tasty legs. Sets her off a treat it does.

 I called at the Co-Op for the kitchen roll I forgot yesterday and got a tin of Quality Street for the little girl on the farm. One for five pounds or two for eight pounds. I got two and gave one to the haircutter to pass on to her young lads.

Last night was spectacular, steady snow, wind and thunder. It didn't make for a good sleep but it was quite a show. By dawn it was scything down again, I am sick of rain and heartily fed up with cold rain. 

I've been looking at new things in Blender 2.91. This curve modifier is brilliant, works like a dream. I can't think of any use for it myself but it is quick non destructive and effective.

As you can see bottom right you can model a quarter of this profile on a curve and get something decorative in seconds. If you don't want it to mirror then there is a box somewhere to limit the modifier. If you click the little round dot at the top right of the curve then you can construct an asymmetric profile. Very posh, very fast and easy on the computer.

I hear some NHS employees are not too happy with being first in line for the vaccine. Not surprised as it will stop the self isolation nonsense and could well sterilise them. They are happy enough to give it to old folk but I can see they have a point as looking after folk seems to take second place. Think on to HIV infected blood. They are dirty buggers not to check for anything that basic. Wages and pensions first anything state run is suspect.

Have a great weekend. 


  1. Thatcher should have sorted out the NHS and teachers.

    1. Teachers are unique in that a few are inspirational but most just marking time. The NHS thinks it is there for it's benefit, there is a good reason that it hasn't been emulated anywhere else.