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Thursday 3 December 2020


 I woke around three thirty this morning and thought things a bit chilly. Minus 3°C it said on the thermometer but that was outside, It felt little warmer in. 

I went across to Cupar and the roads were a bit slip slidey, children waiting for the school bus all sliding up and down on the icy road, phones forgotten in the excitement of the first cold day this season. Got most of the messages but forgot kitchen roll, not to worry I have a haircut booked for tomorrow so will sort it then. The wind is picking up a bit now which is probably just as well as more ice and snow is forecast overnight and tomorrow. I really ought to get the genset sorted but the Grid is coping so far.

I'll have to see if I can find out how much power could be generated when push comes to shove.

The lambs are now enjoying the Neeps or Swedes.
I'm not sure how many there are but I guess about forty.
These are the last half dozen, I hope they manage to settle in alright as it's a bit dark. I'll have a wander round at first light if the weather permits. Who am I kidding, weather has no bearing on the matter. Probably be pissing down as usual.
On my way into town this morning the radio presenters were all very excited about the Batflu vaccine. Apparently folks in care homes were to get it first but they hadn't taken into account it has to be stored at -70°C and care homes don't have posh freezers, thick buggers, even I know that frozen carbon dioxide is considered to be at -78°C at 1Bar. Just pop it in a box of dry ice, take it out, warm it up a bit and stick the guinea pigs with it. Perhaps it's using CO² that's the problem, global warming and such crap. I can see this turning into yet another god almighty snafu, it's rare for government to get anything right. Still not to worry, we'll have paid Pfizer and the Sage idiots will have all had their brown envelopes plus share options no doubt. I don't blame them, it doesn't worry me as nothing much does and what other chance do they have of earning an honest crust. Still I look forward to the day that I don't have to step over cadavers in the feed store and supermarket. I hope someone thinks of using dry ice. They did miss a trick here they could have said store at - 180°C and used liquid nitrogen. That would have been fun.
Keep smiling. 


  1. I read recently that the Batflu vaccine manufacturers have designed special cases which store the stuff in dry ice.

    Above zero here but miserable with light rain all day.

    1. I bet they are a cut above the beer boxes folk have been taking on picnics for decades. The BBC Radio 4 is hard to listen to the presenters are near useless and the expert guests seem anything but on top of their subject.

  2. The usual Scottish accidents on road reports this morning.

    The failure of 20th century medicine advances is that it failed to remind people that whatever they will still die.

    1. No accidents round here. Probably further north where the populace are still transitioning from ponies to cars.
      They don't regard it as a failure,

  3. Sounds a bit too cold for my liking but not surprising as it is warming up nicely here.