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Sunday 6 December 2020


 I had a bit of a job to do over the hill this morning. It's a beautiful day and I had the camera, for once with a sparkling bright sensor as I gave it a polish last week.

Winter Barley, the river Tay and I think Glenshee and the Cairngorms on the horizon. This could stand brightening half a stop or so but I always find it difficult to tell.
Here is a panorama of roughly the same view. Perth is just off to the left but hidden behind the hill.
It is a grand place when one can see. It's usually either foggy or raining, sometimes both.

Thank the lord we have left the EU. Well someone should be thanked as it appears we have got the vaccine long before the rest of the world. I just hope that the remedy does more good than harm or at the very least proves to be an innocuous inoculation.

Have a great week.

PS. I usually get the Saturday Telegraph on my way to the horses. Don't buy it in the week as it's got too woke and expensive these days.
I do enjoy their crossword. I always get stuck on four letter words, which is odd as they comprise twenty percent of my daily vocabulary. Here is yesterday's.

This is a bit blurry as I cut it out and stuff it in my pocket whilst horsing. Eleven across is four letters (-E-S) Clue: Deity revealed by canal backing up.
25 Across is (-E-L-D) six letters. Clue: Well now, that's better. It's annoying being at a loss to finish one but were it easy then who would bother. It's a bit thick to have two left.


  1. 11A The only deity I can think of that fits is ZEUS but how that fits in with the clue you'll have to explain to me (if, indeed it does).

    1. Graham healed is right. Zeus could well be but god knows why. I really miss an old friend. He used to email when he was ready to start the cryptic. The race was on for one hour. We usually had a few missing between us and rarely did a joint effort complete one.

  2. Oddly the same cartoon could be used for most cancers and many other ailments.

    1. Of course it could but Covid is a cold and they have been all my life sorting a remedy for a sniffle. Were it in their interest I suspect most things could be cured but then who would they sell the snake oils to?

  3. 11 Across = Zeus Suez backwards.

    1. Cheers John. I tried that and didn't come up with Suez. I must be anorexic or something.

  4. Thanks heavens you have bright friends who got here before me. I would have been no help whatsoever. Lovely to see your photos of the countryside.