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Friday 20 November 2020


 I have had quite a lot on this week, I have a few interesting ideas for the Christmas video and keep playing with them early doors and the computer keeps saying don't be silly. 

"I am old and dirty." It says.

I do use it hard and must get round to a proper clean up, It's half a year since the last clean. I dread to think what is lurking in tmp. files and as I rarely think to name stuff it will probably be quicker to delete the lot along with all Windows update files. I find most are crap and if any are really important then they pop them back on. I used to play Freecell but now I have to pay to ditch adverts. I bet a pound to a penny that Linux have Freecell for free. Never ever trust Gates or Apple. We have the hardware now. Look after it.

 A few weeks ago a friend asked for advice on something Blenderish....He must have been desperate to ask me but it made me look up and load the version he was running. It's years old but I have Blender programmes going back to 2012. It didn't work out well as I use a projection along a curve to achieve the end result. I can see his point. It's hard to work. Took me hours and hours to construct curves for a four cylinder engine with equal length exhaust pipes but they are on and work. I used FreeCAD.

 I dread to think what SSD space I could free up. I also have experimental stuff from Blender that is a good year and a half away from being useful as anything but entertainment. Such is life and the fluorescent tube that illuminates my laptop has died. I'm touch typing. I can recall switching to fluorescent when I thought they were energy efficient...Bollocks....LEDs made all the silly curly tubes redundant in a few years. Can anyone even recall Halogen?  Does anyone know anyone who thinks a battery car is a good idea?
I went out this morning to get rat poison from Collessie took the camera to get some shots of the Howe of Fife. I shot half a dozen, three a stop under and three on the meter, none are worth shite. The drains I am sure could be photogenic. Not when I'm working the camera they aren't. Straight drains are posh. Posher still as the French dug them, I suspect it was better than being killed at Waterloo.

Anyway here are a few screen grabs.

Here is my fourth effort at a Christmas tree. Well maybe it could be improved. I hope someone is artistic enough to help.

I have just started on the modelling of a barrel to sit it in.

As you can see it is a barrel in progress.

As are the back drop lights.

This animates for video. It does get complicated when one knows bugger all about it. It's a trade off to render time.

I'll leave you with this.

Who but a pervert would vote for him? Dirty nasty paedo, crooked bugger to boot. Never vote for lefties or Libdems. The right wingers are bad enough but it appears we don't have any here to vote for. Good job I don't vote.

Have fun.


  1. Once again the Biden lovers on the blogs have gone very quiet. They know he never won fair and square.

    1. The daft old coot even boasted that his election rigging machine was the best. This will make the Bush/Gore fiasco pale into insignificance.