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Sunday 15 November 2020


 Looking on the bright side today has been wet but not quite as wet as forecast. I got a good soaking first thing and again midmorning. The van is sitting in liquid mud despite my shifting it on Friday. Never known anything so wet. Must be Global Wetting.

 Years ago I spliced up a posh tow rope with a thimble and a shackle, it was one inch nylon and a tidy job. I can vaguely remember posting about it. It was made to shift the van when the inevitable happened. I lent it to a Muppet in the summer to get his van out of a ditch and he used some stupid knot in the tail end. It took me an hour to free it working at it a bit at a time. It's now perfect again. Nylon is funny stuff, it stretches a good fifty percent before breaking. This is good for shock absorption but a bugger if you stretch it with silly knots tied in. I find only two work. The bowline tied correctly with the tail outside the loop and the Tugmans hitch which is the only knot I know that can be released under load. Best to use wire rope or chain if ones a numpty. Chain necks and becomes solid before snapping and wire goes a horrific square shape. I know more about pulling stuff and the mediums employed than I do about VFX or Blundering, as I call my pastime. 

Today didn't go well but I did get lights to follow a cloud of stuff in three dimensions. I then got ambitious and added an extra light. This is far harder than the cryptic crossword and very entertaining for an old man.

 I gave a lassie a lift home in the rain the other day and she summed things up perfectly. " Were we twenty years younger we would be heading for the forestry rather than home and you wouldn't be thinking computers and I wouldn't be thinking about the bairns tea." 

Here you can see how far I've got. 

I usually use HOBO as my font but Blender wouldn't  have it. Not to worry.

 I hear the Danes have rejected the Covid nonsense, it's a start. I have never been frightened of a bug that the experts can't cure or diagnose and as far as I can see is designed to bring totalitarian government another step closer. Fair enough some of the old are really frit. I did my best for them by getting their messages. Most ventured out after a couple of months when I reported that I hadn't noticed any corpses or ranks of freezer vans storing the dead in Glenrothes.

Out of empathy I do spend time with a really old lady. She is worried about the TV licence. Told her to save their letters and I'll sort it and not to let strangers in. She must watch the telly nonstop, I never watch it. She did ask in all innocence. "Why are two women dancing together?".  I told her it was just some nonsense the BBC like to promote, it's like being a vegan or a poof.... "Ah they is queers. We had some round here once but they didn't go on the television. Kept themselves to themselves and even the priest never said but we all knew he was one."

Have a great week.



  1. I can’t speak to late-life forestry adventures with semi-willing lassies, or lesbians dancing either, but I know a little about knots, emphasis on the little. Between being a Boy Scout for a year or so and having an ex-Navy man for a father, I learned several knots way back when but have forgotten most of them. I can still make a very good square knot though I have to concentrate to prevent it becoming a granny knot. Hitch and half-hitch. I can no longer make a bowline on a bight but I remember my dad’s teaching that “the rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree and back into the hole”.

  2. Bob, I do wonder how many people can tie knots today. The Ashley book of knots is the bible for knotting.

  3. I do a half hitch when I whip the linen line around the tree. Did the BBC have to find a lesbian professional I wonder, or a professional lesbian.

    1. Rachel, I have no idea but suspect that they wouldn't be short of choices.

  4. Your old lady friend sounds like entertaining company! I can hear my grandfather speaking her words. The same dear old soul, who, when he used the word knotting, gave it a different meaning.

    1. Pauline, she is mad as a sack of spiders but always good for a laugh.