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Monday, 22 February 2021


 The snow has gone and the Snow Drops are here.

The weather has been mild and warm for a few days now. Lots of people emerging over the weekend to enjoy the start of spring and wandering the forest careless of their health, acting irresponsibly normal, sucking in fresh air, chatting to each other and horror of horrors I saw two teenagers kissing with not a thought for the nasty covids, quite right they were too. Spring is sprung, it's their spring not mine. It will be interesting to see if the destroyers of freedom back down or double down. 
They will try to double down, they have support from state employees who are protected from their own inadequacies by lack of ambition, layer after layer of bureaucracy and they have no financial skin in the matter.

I was rushing back from a bit of work to see my friend's committal, it was being done on-line, badly, it kept dropping out and didn't start again till I hit F5. By then everything had moved on. Been better and cheaper posting it live to YouTube. Jeremy Whine came on the radio so faster than the speed of light I switched to Tay FM. Bugger me! I couldn't believe it. I heard an advert from our NHS saying, I paraphrase. "Please come back if you feel ill." I suspect they may be coming to the realisation that being protected from illness has a downside like redundancy if ones raison d'etre is looking after poorly folk and you think it beneath one. People may be getting wise to the fact that doctors snake oil prescriptions are for the most part more debilitating than their disease. My experience is that the quacks prescribe for muscle cramps, one returns with the shits and they prescribe something for that, you go back with heartburn they prescribe something else and so it goes on if you let it. A salt tablet would have sorted the cramps but they banned those, Being a cynic I suspect one doesn't get a skiing holiday for selling salt. Happen they feel that the tide is turning and want to play nice. I stop away because they are next to useless and I'm passed my sell by date. I have to admit I've got a bit wussy of late so may succumb to their advert if the grim reaper doesn't get me first. I even open the throttle slowly on the big Quad whereas four years ago it was jump on, fire it up, let it warm up, whilst I opened the gate and then Go, Go, Go. I enjoyed the 750cc Quad, selecting first then second and driving down the yard like an idiot, diving out onto the pasture and changing up firing muck everywhere. The downside of such fun is the sheep can't keep up with the feed spreader without rushing which knocks weight off and Quad tyres are £400+ a corner. I'm sensible now.

Be sensible like me it saves expense, hassle, lives and protects our NHS.


  1. You seem to have had lots of rain somewhere. I was looking at what trains were leaving Glasgow and Edinburgh stations late last night on my phone and there was talk of landslips and delays. I thought to myself, ah the snow must have all gone.

    1. Rain is on it's way. Hopefully it will be brief.