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Sunday, 7 February 2021


 After many false starts I managed to get a result. Not the result I strived for but I hope it will do the job. People say it's the thought that counts but this could have done with someone who is better equipped for thinking.

 As a primary school teacher once enquired. 

"Ward do you want to end up a binman?" 

I thought that a bit harsh as the lad sitting behind me had a dad who was a binman, a binman with a stump for a foot as his real one got blown off in the war. We had the last laugh as he was sacked a couple of years later for tampering with little girls. Dirty sod. He tried to brazen it out but had to move as kids from four to fourteen were inviting him to the park swings, saying we'll round up the little ones for you. We had a curate of the same ilk but he gassed himself in the church hall oven one afternoon and worse still it was Brownie night, little Christian consideration shown there, he could have waited a day for Cub night as he was a menace to little boys. Biden is far from alone.

Here is the balloon video, warts and all.

After a couple of days of middling rain it is now back to winter. Very little snow so far but I can see it getting worse as it is freezing out and there are gallons of water bubbling up everywhere.

The observant may notice little orange flags in the wet bits. There are field drains here but they are either flattened or blocked. They need a coat of looking at before this is ploughed, though if the Neeps grow again in the spring the sheep will be back on and the flags lost.

She deserves a cigarette break having singlehandedly solved global warming, at least round here.

 Sovereignty seems to be working reasonably, shops are well stocked, plenty of cars for sale, lots of hospital beds available for those that want one, tobacco is still far too expensive but one can't have everything all at once. We are getting a new deep coal mine in Cumbria which lefties seem to think abhorrent. I can understand that as Wilson shut a hundred more mines in five years than Thatcher did in ten. Who do the hard of thinking blame? Not Wilson. Not to worry, you can't argue with stupid. Have a great week.


  1. She needed a fag after upsetting the Indian Government and gaining the label : fake.

    1. First time I recall seeing her look remotely human.

    2. Just read about that. Apparently the Indians have taken exception to her Toolbox. I'm surprised they were brave enough to get that close.

  2. Replies
    1. John, I find it difficult to tell when to leave well alone. I am happier with it this morning.

  3. Birthday greeting to Jen. Her balloon looks great - like you could hang a basket underneath it and go floating away.

    1. Thanks Pauline. I enjoy playing with this software so it's as much for me as her.