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Wednesday, 22 September 2021


Late on last night I was looking at the newish Blender 3.00  Alpha release and came across the CyclesX render engine. It is not in Blender 3.00 yet. It is available to play with if you follow
these steps.

Go to Blender.org/download and you will find this screen, scroll down until you get here.

Click on the highlighted bit....Blender experimental; don't worry it won't bite.

This bit is a cunning plot, Blender 3 is there but if you download it you won't get the Cycles X render engine. You have to click on Branch (American, Big Twig) I've poked an arrow in it's general direction. Then you get dozens of todays builds.

Just now I was lucky and Blender 3.00-cyclesx is only one down. Click on it and after a few minutes you will have a Zip file. All for free and far better than many software applications costing mega bucks. Pop it somewhere sensible. I selected an empty desk top folder I'd named Tree. Next right click, select unzip to here and the job is about done, no compiling and no guessing which file will load it. The computer world is becoming idiot proof but I find it less entertaining and fulfilling.

Just click blender launch and after telling Microsoft to sod off it will load and be ready to play with. How things have changed, only a few years ago it took me a day to compile stuff but there again I rarely listened in school so consequently suffer.
What is CyclesX it is a high quality render engine that is twice as fast, possibly up to ten times as fast as the current Cycles render engine and it's a ray trace job unlike EEVEE.
 Be aware that if things go tits up using this it is a 50/50 chance it's Blender and not you. Try again, if it happens again let them know. They rely on folk playing with their things and telling them. 

Harvest is finished here and went middling well. The new campsite is doing steady business and they have started tidying up it's surrounds.
This is an old New Holland tractor pushing an old cultivator/roller over a ploughed and rolled bit of field. Behind it has a PTO driven cultivator, a spikey roller and seed drill. It's sowing posh grass. The drill isn't in the first flush of youth but we have a Ransome's seeder thirty years older, both work fine but this one is quicker. It's done a grand job and should shut the townie visitors up. (What are you doing for the planet, insects, etc?) It could be cut for hay next August but will probably be topped and have sheep on for a year. It may have to be sprayed for Thistles cos as far as I know Vegans have yet to find a way to eat them.
Have fun.


  1. For a minute there I thought your whole post was going to be beyond me. But, there at the end, something I understand! Good to see the older machinery still serving their purpose.

    1. Pauline, the older machines are fine for small areas but it's hard to beat the new stuff for larger jobs.

  2. Here the fields have been ploughed. It be a while before the large lumps dry out a bit. Not helped by today's downpour.

    1. John, we undersowed the barley this year and now have sheep grazing the stubble This area and another ten acres were ploughed but hopefully the remainder will be sprayed with glyphosate and direct drilled in the spring. There are pros and cons but the pros are a massive reduction in the diesel bill and much less disturbance of the soil and everything that lives in it. The downside is using glyphosate but like everything else it is tightly controlled by the Politburo.

  3. Thank you for letting me know that a Branch is a Big Twig as otherwise, being a dumb Yank and all, I would not have had a clue (British, klew). You have performed an invaluable service today to the thick-skulled everywhere.

    1. See reply below. (American; down under, as in that fellow from down under.).

  4. Bob, I'm happy to have been of help.