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Thursday 3 September 2009

IN A JAM ( 01/08/09)

image     No idea when this will be posted for although my mobile signal couldn't be better I have nothing on 3G... Half a pint is better than no pint at all!     I'm about eight hundred feet up, in the middle of nowhere. Superb views and a basic but totally satisfactory camp site.
We are so far, about a mile, off the beaten track that Sat. Nav. let me down. The van well stuck, wouldn't go forards, backards or upards. Looking on the positive side I have or rather the scenery has added a little character to my 'umble abode. I'm in a good mood today so we have no problems only opportunities.
I now have the opportunity to polish scratches out of the damn truck.
Here for six nights so will no doubt get to know the area.
image      This really belongs to Ordnance Survey, hope I get away with a belated credit, the scribble is mine.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Left Hexham as dawn was breaking and headed the one hundred miles south. Don't see many of these now. An old GPO phone box.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASMALL TORTOISESHELL....A first for me this year and first to greet me.
Some people collect badges on their travels, I collect a few hedges. The second image is my destination, a unique road in, over half a mile constructed of inverted railway sleepers, very effective they are too.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             FYLINGTHORPE....I hope! Forgot my compass and map.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            ROBIN HOODS BAY.....Well...A glimpse of the church. Funny job.
  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            REDUNDANT......But recycled, an old railway goods van body. Once a common sight on farms and small holdings. Not recycled to save the planet but out of financial necessity. Maybe, bearing in mind the road, he's a frustrated train driver.
That's your lot. Sorry about the photographs, was playing with off camera flash........you don't want to know.......and left settings all anyhow. Thank the lord for RAW, or whoever gave the wizards their powers. Just salvageable!
PS. That's post script in Latin. Means after wot I've wrote. Am promising myself a neon sign on the camera bag. 'CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK'. And in smaller letters.'You wasn't born a Muppet, it took you years of practice.'


  1. Great lot of images Adrian. I especially like the 'phone box'. Nice framing in the gate shot. The railway car reminds me of years past. These were not an uncommon sight in Colorado where I grew up.

  2. Interesting selection Adrian.
    Not seen the old red phone box for years. So much better looking than those glass monsters.
    And what a novel idea for a road; railway sleepers. Never seen anything like that before.

  3. A couple of real gems in there: the phone box particularly.

  4. I love the map! The sunset (or sunrise?), lit phone box, hay bales and sheep are my favorite shots.

  5. Thanks one and all, will try for internet connection this week and catch up, with all your offerings.