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Monday 7 September 2009

STORM BOUND (04/09/09)

FLAMBOROUGH HEAD................Just... The light is the lighthouse, not particularly interesting but hard to miss, it was a bit of a non event so I enhanced the light... subtly! It's the first time I've been able to see this far for a day and a half. What is interesting,is that this bit of coast is the only unsurveyed stretch of water in the UK........A fact worth checking before it's included in a pub quiz!
There have been patches of clement weather, but we have had little sleep for two nights as the wind is horrendous. My satellite dish has gone AWOL, this is not a major problem as I have no television to attach to it. Will have to get up on the roof and ascertain the extent of the damage as soon as the wind and rain abate. I don't fancy a broken neck to add to the joys of this life or the next life.
RAVENSCAR AND FLAMBOROUGH............Looking at the previous image, perhaps I did overdo it a touch. If you didn't believe the rain and wind were bad before then you must now. There's plenty of time to play.
I'm not a big fan of flower pictures but these I really took a shine to.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA TANSY, DOCK AND COW PARSLEY........Still working on DOF with this new lens, give me a month or so, I'm a slow learner.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             THUNDERSTORM COMING............I'm surprised the cows are so unconcerned, they usually group together when they sense thunder. Perhaps they have become inured to it or hunger has got the better of their apprehension.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           LORRY FERRY AND RHINE BARGE........Could be worse, I could be out there. Ships hugging the coast, the wind is westerly force six to gale eight. At least they are getting a bit of shelter from the land. These barges are usually seen at sea with the bridge raised on hydraulic rams. It lowers to this position to enable them to transit bridges. Apparently also quite useful in bad weather, he might not be able to see where he is going but can at least stand up.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A PLETHORA OF SMALL TORTOISESHELLS ........I'm going to close this post now because things are getting out of hand.
       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           A BIT DAMP.......So not completely my fault.
That's all.


  1. Wet and windy then. English summer lol
    The starburst took a battering there Adrian lol
    Looks effective on the tide though.

  2. Rain! You are not alone! And precious comfort may that afford you.