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Monday, 21 September 2009

A TANGLED WEB (20/09/09)

Yesterday evening was a mixture of good and bad. Bad, it rained that penetrating drizzle that ensures one is soaked after a minute of exposure. Good Molly and I went to the pub. A pleasant enough place which brews it's own beer. We've all experienced the stuff. Slides down like honey. Five minutes later ones face feels as if you've been an hour in the dentist's chair, the muscles work but are definitely not attached to your brain. Ten minutes later another pint seems an excellent idea. So the evening progresses, a good job it's all a bit hazy.
I do remember a story which is so hard to believe it must be true. Apparently not fifteen miles away they are opencast mining steam coal. The steam engines round here use the stuff and import it from Poland. Why? Because they are not allowed to move the local coal by road, only by rail and there is no rail link between the mine and the Welsh Highland Railway. It appears that it is quite reasonable to move Polish coal by road, ship, rail and as far as I know air. As you can well imagine this provoked little debate or surprise but much derogatory comment on our politicians mental capacity and powers of reason. I vaguely recall their mothers and issue also being included, this a little harsh for me, even taking into account my befuddled state.
So woke this morning to rapidly clearing mist, both meteorological and physical and took ourselves for a walk by the river.
  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        BUSY SPIDER......Strongly suspect more than one, the odd thing is I can never find any of them.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      MAGICAL.........And amazing how steady my hands are after last night, even allowing for the monopod's assistance.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     VIEWS FROM THE TRAIN........Very overcast, for most of the time we were in the overcast.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      SPECKLED BROWN.......Or at least I hope it is, never seen one before, tricky little customer, slightest hint of movement and it was away.
That's all. I think you must agree if not a tangled post then certainly convolute.


  1. Excellent shots Adrian.

  2. I always find it amazing just how many spiders inhabit each plant. Great rainbow shot - always difficult to get the colours to show so clearly.

  3. Thanks for visiting my birds blog, Adrian. This is my "thank you" return visit. And, I might add, I was pleased to see your blog and learn what you are doing. Sort of a vagabond with a camera in a motor home. Not a bad life, I can imagine it myself. But at my age, I am beyond a lot of things, including a life on the road.

    I also enjoyed your description of the pub and the toxic brew like honey that dislocated your facial muscles. That was an excellent bit of writing and made me smile more than once. And that isn't a pretty sight without my upper plate.

    You visited my birds blog and I am grateful for that. However, since you are into photography now, you might find more interesting pictures and a wide assortment in the blog I call My Canon Photography. I try to post a larger image there and you can look at any of them and comment if you wish. It is up to you and if you do comment or ask a question I will see it and answer it.

    Hang in there...the ball of sting gets shorter every day. I will be 75 in October.

  4. I forgot to add. "Your photography is excellent, and I don't say that unless it is."

  5. What a fantastic set!! The landscapes and the webs are all tremendous. That row of hedges completely covered must have been magical to walk down. Not to mention that view! Where are you again?

    I do NOT miss that particular type of drizzle - know what you mean, and it is a uniquely English phenomenon. It is the most English of English rain - it's getting you completely soaked, but in a subtle, polite way. ;)

  6. Adrian. Following your travels with great interest. I somehow never seem to find time to comment on all the blogs I follow. Thought I better make amends. Love the spider's web images...very good,even without the spiders !!

    The butterfly is a speckled wood.... Like the story of your visit to the pub. I heard about this farcical situation with the coal supply on national TV. .. Crazy World !!! Keep up the good work and enjoy your travels.

  7. Wow your web pictures are fabulous. Excellent captures and wonderful work. My next fav is the rainbow!! Wonderful post today :)

  8. Thanks all, am still struggling with internet, will have to get nearer a mast and catch up with you all. Naughty, I know but I rain bowed in Photoshop. Sorry it won't happen again....often.

  9. As always a very enoyable blog: both words and pictures. Mind you the rainbow was a bit OTT.

  10. Was wasn't it GB, blame the fact that there are no pubs to keep me out of trouble.