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Monday 7 September 2009

ROCKET MAN (06/09/09)

COWS AND MOON......Not archival quality, hand held but I am a sucker for these views. Was on my way to the heads and noticed the first rays of sun hitting the cows. I should go all the way and take a tripod to the ablutions block. Maybe not, I get some funny looks carrying a camera into the facilities.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        DAWN......Nothing special and by this time the early morning light was fast becoming the least of my priorities.
The forecast today was for more rain and strong winds so I decided to have a make and mend day. Retrieved what is left of the satellite dish, cleared my sink drains, polished the cooker hob, got rid of a weeks worth of newspapers and set up my printer or didn't. The latter was a disaster, never got as far as installing the inks as the carriage that holds them wouldn't centre. Canon will be hearing from me tomorrow! 
After lunch, as the weather was grey but fine, decided on a stroll and walked the old Whitby Scarborough railway as far as Robin Hoods Bay then back across the cliff top to the truck. A pleasant wander and well timed the rain started as I unlocked the front door, side door if one wants to be pedantic.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RAILWAY AND BINDWEED.......loads of this stuff everywhere this year, I know gardeners hate it but I rather like the flowers. I never see anything feeding on them so perhaps it is just a pest.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           GATE.......I wonder did they count the slats in this gate or was it just fortuitous that he had room to write PRIVATE. There are also enough for KEEP OUT but perhaps he is a perfectionist and needed a space. Coincidently it has an adequate number for ........ I'll let you work that one out, profanity has no place in this blog. Or on gates apparently. PUSH OFF works.
ROCKET POST............Sorry to disappoint the Bowie fans. This is a replica of what was a common sight on this coast, it was used to practice wreck evacuations by Breaches Buoy.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            These information plaques on The Cleveland Way have superb illustrations. A pity the text is A little skimpy.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA VERTIGO.......Whilst taking the shots of Robin Hoods Bay from this cliff I felt quite disorientated. Using a zoom, then as my eye left the view finder made me a very dizzy. Being as barmy as a box of frogs, I kept playing with frame angles, this best sums up the experience.
Moving on tomorrow, that's all.


  1. Just catching up on your travels, Adrian. Lovely photos of the Yorkshire coastal villages. By the mix of sunlit shots and the rain on a window you have had quite a mixed bag of weather.
    It will be over twenty years since I last saw places like Runswick and Robin Hoods Bay and, apart from some erosion, they seem much the same.
    Looks like a good few days coming on the weather front.

  2. The Leaf-miner moth feeds exclusively on Bindweed. Thought you'd just love to know that!

    The first photo might be postcard material but that just makes it all the more viewable.

    Found Robin Hoods Bay and Rocket Post very interesting and, as you suggested, the last one VERY vertiginous.