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Tuesday, 8 December 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      We have the place to ourselves. Took Molly for her constitutional and remained dry.

What to do with the rest of our day? The forecast is for continuous rain, two choices, go out and get wet or stay in and have a make and mend day. I settled on the latter.

Can't do laundry as they don't have a laundry room here, I've not got to the airing and recycling stage so that's not a problem. Cleaned the shower and heads, the latter gets done everyday, put the seat down in case an unexpected lady should call. Don't want anyone thinking I'm not house trained. That's that!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Now what's the daft old devil up to? Miles of rope all over, must be getting me a brother, hell of a diameter for a lead! Must be some dog!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              Yesterday whilst in Padstow purchased seven metres of nylon rope, a thimble and a shackle. (NYLON is a derivation of New York and London, not sure why). As you have no doubt gathered I am struggling today, stick with me, it get's worse.

I have a persistent problem, well several but I'll address them one at a time. If the ground is the slightest bit soft we have to be towed out. It's never a problem finding a tractor or four wheel drive vehicle. Can I find a tow rope? Can take ages.... Scouring the countryside for miles around.

So in an hour a tow rope we will have. First we have to splice the thimble into one end then whip the other. Long time since I have done any splicing so got in an expert. Not a Weaver Bird to be found but the next best thing. He gave the problem some consideration and then set me going.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         All Day to do it then I forgot to stick a shadow on him

That's it......Job done in a jiffy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  What are the odds that since going to this trouble and expense, It will now take half a day to locate a tow?

Now a couple of posers; last night having finished supper looked at the truck window and saw these patterns. I should know what they are called but can't for the life of me remember.  Will be some unpronounceable German surname with interference pattern stuck on the end. These have been colourized....They just look more exciting.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  That's me bottom left. The window is double skinned plastic so light is passing through the inside layer and reflecting off the outside. Kept me amused for a while, well the patterns and a glass of whiskey kept me amused. Must think about investing in a television.

Now the second conundrum. What are these Rooks up to? They do it just after dawn and just before dusk. Can only think they are collecting grit for their crops, never noticed this behaviour before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               That's it!...............Tomorrow a TV.

Actually, having consulted several weather guessers, the consensus is for a couple of fine days so we will ramble tomorrow.


  1. Enjoyed that one Its nice to know some of still rember the old crafts, but of course todays health and safety lot want us to take them to a lad to make sure they can pull / lift x amount then give us a piece of paper to say its ok or not to use. then there is the robin quite fooled me for a second actually thought you were going to say the robin came in to test the rope, hearing how molly thought it was for another pooch. did a good job in photo shop with that one, unless you had a flash on the camera there would be no shadow, its the claw that worried me. Getting on to the crows you are right about the crops. but the hen of all bird species take in gravel or whatever is available to make shell for their eggs. we used to put the used hen egg shells under the rolling pin and feed it back in the feed.

  2. Splicing not that old for me Tony. Wire rope one can't splice any more. This stuff is five tucks and leave a long tail hanging out. With hemp we used three tucks then tapered the tails for a neat job. Always best to put a shadow if there are shadows in the picture. Just forgot. My first thought was for eggs but not that time of the year. I hope.

  3. Hope you get a good day in tomorrow Adrian..I need one myself.

  4. Trevor think we all do, looks OK for the next few days.

  5. Lovely portrait of Molly. I wouldn't know where to start with splicing the rope - and don't say at the end. ;)

  6. Ta John, she likes having her picture taken, will pose for ever. About the only thing she does do to order!