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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


It seems ages since we had a really good productive walk. That time of the year, some days it hardly gets light. When it does the light can be superb, casts a pewter like sheen across everything. Not that I've been in the right place at the right time.

We headed up onto the moor, went to Princetown to unload some mail at the Post Office. Hopefully to be exported in locally made sacks. Knowing this government they will get mail bags in Devon from the prison in Peterhead!

On the way back, tried to park at the Dartmoor Inn but there wasn't space. This is my promise for tomorrow, a great little bridge, old settlements, druid remains, natural rock basins, Wildebeest, Rocs...........Ok delete the last two, got a little carried away....Probably deserve to be carried away!

Today we stopped on Whitchurch Common...Again! This year I have spent a good couple of weeks on Dartmoor and never set eyes on a wild pony, today couldn't shift for them. Not something you can creep up on, as you try to close the distance they amble away in a relaxed fashion which belies the fact that their comfort zone is increasing....My comfort zone wasn't, so busy watching the ponies went knee deep in a bog.....'Well I'll go to the bottom of me Grandma's stairs!' How can a man of my age and experience not look where he is going! Suspect it may be the age bit!

What was snapped today........................................

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Dartmoor Ponies.....These are silhouettes.........On purpose! Mostly in camera. 2 stop grad filter upside down, cropped heavily, levels adjusted. I'm trying.....Very trying!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Some more, bit misty and murky.....That's the Dartmoor I know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     They do have the ooh! factor going for them......Even if it does seem to have a touch of Ringworm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Brentor Church..............Almost as good as Mount Fuji.....Better.... Mount Fuji is a volcano and they haven't built a church on top of it. After all this I do hope it is Brentor Church. Not on my map and a couple of valleys away.... It's Karen's fault, she identified it. As regular browsers will already know I spend most of every day taking snaps of things I fancy.... Then the problem ..................What is it?

All the best, a bus ride tomorrow for some more images.....PROMISE!


  1. Must be great seeing the ponies wandering about like that. Not been that way in years.
    Love that last shot of Mount Fuji.

  2. Great silhouette shot of the ponies and of the misty mountain. Love the look on the solo pony - "OK you can have this photo for free but any more will cost you a carrot and a couple of apples."
    Funny, in your list of reasons to visit the Dartmoor Inn you didn't mention ale. Don't tell me you've gone tea total for the festive season ;)

  3. Keith ta,They presumably belong to someone, suppose every now and then they round them up. Must be fun.
    John waiting for the bus at 11 so will sample a pint lunchtime. After pictures hopefully.

  4. Loved the silhouette. The problem I have with misty photos you show us is that I'me never sure after your revelations recently, whether the mist is real or not. I suppose it doesn't mater but....

  5. GB, I know some hate manipulation so now say if they have had a seeing to. This one is real. Mist filters have been around longer than I have. I agree with what you didn't say. However the camera has always lied. have a good Christmas.

  6. Poniiieeees! :o) I loves me some ponies Adrian, and that silhouette shot is spectacular! Great job with the lighting and the crop, I really like that one.

    The church on top of the mountain is beautiful as well. I love how the mist settles down at the bottom of the mountain there.

    The pony looking back at you is priceless. ;o)

  7. Penny, thanks, the pony could have been a tad sharper, hand held telephoto. Forgot artistic DOF. nearest I could find to an ELK!! Were the ponieeeeeeeeeeeees.

  8. John, thanks just hope the title is correct, not just birds I have trouble with!

  9. That last shot is glorious. I also am particularly fond of the pony pictures!

  10. Gwen, thanks, Waiting for some snow now and catch a few in it.