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Saturday, 26 December 2009


Christmas day dawned bright and clear it couldn't and didn't last.

Untitled_Panorama1_edited-1Torbay Panorama......One either likes these or hates them. This is a combination of thirty images. Six HDR images in portrait orientation each HDR image consists of five separate exposures -2EV to +2EV. Passes a little time on on Boxing Day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Molly's Christmas dinner, brown rice, turkey, scrambled egg and a couple of dog treats.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            She declared it a success.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         All gone in a minute or so............She spent the next hour burping quietly in the corner.

Today being Boxing day is the biggest day in the year for our hunting compatriots.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur furry natives are fighting back.....Make sure if you are a hunter that you don't become the hunted.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday. Best Wishes.


  1. Oh its really planning for something big .....you better be careful!!LOL.

  2. Sishir, I no longer hunt but used to. The camera is harder to use than a gun.

  3. I like the pano Adrian. Must have taken a while to do that one.

    Good to see Molly's getting spoilt at Christmas.
    Hope you spoilt yourself too.

  4. Terrific panorama - would look fantastic if it was enlarged to about a metre wide, mounted and hung on the wall....

  5. The first shot is a great shot - the clouds are stunning.

  6. Oh Golly, Miss Molly is just too cute! I hope your Christmas dinner looked as good and that you enjoyed it as much as she did. I'll spare myself the image of you burping quietly in the corner, though!

  7. Keith, maybe an hour most of it drinking tea, the files get very large. Me spoil myself, couple of hard biscuits in warm milk!
    Phil, It will easily print that size have printed up to twice that. The software does it Photomatix it's free to play with.
    Jim they can be even more stunning, or less.
    Pauline, I had the rest of the Turkey breast roasted in honey garlic and mustard. Then fell asleep.

  8. I wondered what that sound in the garden was - as long as it leaves my nuts alone!

  9. I'm in the first group-- I really like the panorama. You must be an extremely patient man. That's a lot of work for one photo, but I'd say well worth it. Great post Adrian.

  10. Great panorama Adrian. Molly look happy doing what dogs do best.
    The weather has been kind to you so we can expect a host more photographs of landscapes,seascapes and pub interiors.

  11. LOL watch out for those little furry critters... the cuter they are, the less you want to turn your back on them. ;o)

    I loved Molly's dinner... how cute! At least she burped *quietly* in the corner. lol

  12. Tricia,Thanks hope you had a good day. The software does the work.
    Trevor, not been out except cleaning and sorting my ex-mates boat. Will start again after the funeral.
    Penny, could hear very little after I'd turned Nora Jones up.

  13. Bobby told me to keep the Molly's Christmas Dinner recipe for next year as it looks so appetising. Love the furry native.

  14. I suppose you are planning something spectacular for the new year. Adrian, Getting some real bad weather reports from the missis in Wales, so hope you and Molly are ok.

  15. John, she enjoyed it makes a change from hound meal.
    Tony, rain here is pretty constant. Am busy sorting Marks boat out so not getting Photos at the moment.

  16. Sounds as if life is hard. Thank heavens for Molly. She looks like a satisfied 'customer'.


  17. Thanks Lucy, had worse but not much. Happy New Year..

  18. Now this is a frill-less Christmas to try to balance all the OTP ones! Hello Adrian, not visited before but came from Sishir's site.

    I sort of like the panorama but could not enlarge it to have a proper look-see.

    I wish you health and contentment as we enter into 2010.

  19. Julie, thanks for popping by. No it won't enlarge as that is the file size 800 pixels wide. The full tiff file is around 180MB so a bit large for a blog. You have a really good year.

  20. No sign from you for days. Hope all is well with you and Molly. Happy new Year!!

  21. Pauline thanks and the same to you and yours. Just been too busy sorting Mark's boat but am in the process of sorting a post now.