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Saturday 9 January 2010

THE DEVILS ARSE (08/01/10)

Castleton home of the Peak Cavern known colloquially and not very politely as the Devil's Arse. Set off on the short walk into town before dawn so as to have the place to ourselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        The first of the sun lighting the hills behind Castleton. This road is now closed a mile further on as a major landslip some twenty or thirty years ago obliterated it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Mam Tor, the cause of the trouble with the road. What's the odd road between friends, it's a beautiful hill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cave Dale, I was intending to walk the ridge around the head of the Hope Valley, we managed as far as the next bend before it became obvious that the soft snow was defeating Molly, to be honest it wasn't doing much for me. She was bogged down I was blowing like a traction engine. (Very restrained, for me, could have done with the moon enlarging).

P1081357_6_5_edited-1      Back into town and the sun about to show itself over market square. Not so restrained, this is HDR de-saturated a touch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Peak Cavern, a.k.a. the Devil's Arse, though it has many fine stalagmites and stalactites these stalactites are icicles which come the thaw will cause more trouble than the archers at Agincourt. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Years ago I have seen these develop into a very impressive ice curtain. these are a metre or so in length.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Still they impressed me and make up for the Christmas decorations I didn't bother with.

 P1081372_1_0_edited-1 Another HDR image bracketed -1ev/+1ev at ISO 1600 and noise reduction software. I was bracketing all shots as it is very dark down here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Win Hill taken on the way home, almost perfect weather. If the day temperatures would just rise a little the snow would crust over and become walkable. Doesn't look as if it will so tomorrow will go to York and hopefully get some snowy pictures of the Minster.

Water is becoming a problem, already have a sink full of washing up, upon recollection I seem to remember a sink full of washing up in August! Still have got gas now and plenty of Lynx deodorant, it was on offer in Morrisons so purchased three tins just prior to New Year. Was considering asking for a refund as I have seen the advertisements showing nubile ladies throwing themselves at the wearer of this product. For some indecipherable reason this has not happened------maybe he had a shower first!!


  1. Impressive pictures. The first one gives me a "Charles Dickens" kind of feeling! I like the HDR-edited picture as well. I've been to some other caverns in Britain but not this one I think (and not in winter). Those icicles do look dangerous...

  2. It was nice to see areas I have only visited in warmer conditions. I love Derbyshire at Well Dressing time but it looks a bit on the chilly side now.
    Love the processed icicle photo.

  3. Dawn they will be, this is a big area for caves with three or four within the village.
    John, home is only a mile or so away but the last mile defeated me. It is a great area if a little busy.

  4. Lovely pictures Adrian. I do enjoy following you on your travels and hope you have a safe journey to York.

  5. Lovely looking area Adrian. Somewhere I've never explored much.

    I stopped buying that Lynx stuff. Never worked for me either.

  6. It does look awfully cold, Adrian. Picture post card beautiful though. Hope you are staying warm.

  7. Trevor, after a few trials we are here.
    Keith, obviously why they were giving the stuff away. Yes it is a grand spot.
    Pauline, warm as toast inside. The area gets inundated but if you get out early you have the world to yourself.

  8. G'morning Adrian!

    I love getting out early too - even though where I am you rarely have to share a spot with anybody else. We've got alot of space. :o)

    Those icicle shots are magnificent! The scale is really interesting, they seemed smaller to me until I read they are about a metre long. Cool!

  9. Penny three to eight feet long they are, I have seen in winters long ago them reach the ground and you could walk behind them. Magical! In those days I couldn't afford nor did I want a camera. Too busy with wine women and song!