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Saturday 2 January 2010

KILLING TIME (02/01/10)

We are still sitting here, just outside Brixham, killing time (sorry can't help myself), waiting for Marks funeral on Monday.

Pulled myself together, took ages, bits all over.

Off we went for a walk with the new camera rig. This is awful heavy and I suspect not the answer. Yes it's Molly effective, gives a telephoto of 2000mm. Not much about but what there was stayed still, blurry is just me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Olympus E-3 with 2xteleconverter and Sigma 50mm-500mm telephoto. Weighs a ton.

PC221160-copy-1_-copy__edited-1               The Lane, this is a single shot, processed a bit OK a bitest, as in the mostest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               Love these milestones, will collect more over this year. So many have gone, government vandalism? They date from Mail Coach days and the spelling on some is quaint. Newton here refers to Newton Abbot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                             Dunnock (I hope), singing and basking in the sun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Female Blackbird............Not sharp but reasonable for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Chaffinch in the evening sun, although these birds are in focus there is a distinct lack of sharpness. I'll keep trying, I promise to be VERY TRYING over the next year.


  1. So that's what it takes to get so close to those birds - a camera that weighs a ton... hmmm...

  2. Slight exaggeration. Feels like a ton after I've carried it for three hours. You can crop but if you desire super sharp prints at A3+ then big lenses are the answer. Just wish I could use them!!

  3. I suppose the tripod has to be in use something that heavy will give the shakes hand held. but just the job . it always takes time to get used to a new lens. happy snapping with your new toy.

  4. It's all relative, isn't it. I just wish I could use my ordinary little point and shoot. Maybe, should I live long enough, I will. Anyway, I love the 'miles from' marker.

  5. Tony none of it is new just decided to try a teleconverter on the long lens. Not a good idea.
    Pauline, Lot to be said for point and shoots, I like the DSLR for landscapes but it is cumbersome with this lens set up. If I don't try I don't find out.

  6. The view in the lane is disturbing and emotional - come-back-to-look-at-again-able.

    The chaffinch looks a trifle exotic!


  7. I have the 170-500mm Sigma and I find photos from it are softer than through the Canon 70-200mm. Reviews I've read often give the same results. Most seem to say the Bigma is better around 420mm. With the 2x teleconverter it is going to be a slow lens combination which needs really bright conditions to get a fast shutter speed. That's my impression anyway.
    I know what you mean about the weight. When I get the Sigma out it always goes on a tripod so I don't take it out with me. I just cannot hold it steady enough.

  8. I do not think a teleconverter on a zoom lens works to well Adrian. You would need to use a tripod with that set-up to get a sharp image and a moving subject would be very difficult indeed.My advice would be to leave the converter off..a 500mm should be adequate for most situations...I only have a 400mm and generally get by.

  9. Lucy, just playing did a series of these HDRs about a year ago desaturate increase contrast on colour channels, then reintroduce a touch of colour. It's a problem I'm colour blind so have to work the numbers or histograms. If I'm printing I have a reliable set of eyes called Laura who balances the job.
    John, always knew the same, a cropped image off a good lens is far superior to an uncropped of cheap. Have to prove it to myself. Stubborn old git that I am.
    Trevor, totally agree after sixty shots yesterday. Only trying different combinations of what I own, mostly second hand. I'm at the stage where I'm never sure if it's me or the equipment. If I were to be brutally honest with myself it's still me. I never think of taking landscape without a tripod so why should wildlife be different!!

  10. A mighty set-up Adrian. I reckon you'd get a Sparrow on the moon with that.

    Spot on with the bird ID's too.

  11. Iz knoze me birds----Thanks to you. It's no good though. So back to basics. Cheers Keith.

  12. I wonder if there is a book about milestones? If not, why not write one? I'd buy it.

  13. Hope Mark's funeral isn't too traumatic and that the Year picks up after that.

  14. John, thank you. It will.
    Don't know will Amazon it, must be I imagine.

  15. Beautiful bird shots!!
    Even I love the milestones shorts...they says some sort of stories, isn't it?

  16. You have to be careful with a lens like that... people might think you're compensating for something. LOL ;o)

    Great shots - I LOVE the mile marker!

  17. Penny, not made a noticeable difference in that department. Maybe I should try Sigma for a refund!!