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Wednesday 13 January 2010


Today it never got light, we went into town, from a photographic point of view it wasn't a total waste of time.  We came back with a camera bag purchased in Jessops sale and a new lens pen.

Should have moved on but at least next time we are round this way I will have a better idea where to go and when. The wall walk is closed due to the remaining snow and ice, so that was out as well. It froze quite hard last night, first thing it was treacherous under foot.

I'm putting oats out for the birds, Blackbirds and Starlings seem to like them as do the pigeons gluttonous blighters. Feel like chasing them off but it would be akin to playing god. Everything has it's place and purpose. At least they give the statues of pompous dignitaries a good coating of crap, they can't be all bad.

The following photos were all taken Sunday the only half reasonable day we have enjoyed here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       This is a timber framed building and goes to prove that despite the laws of physics they can be self supporting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                          I don't think I will ever tire of them, I just hope you don't.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Skeldergate Bridge..........Spent ages pratting about with this. Needs the river boats to be running to capture it in it's entirety.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Skeldergate Bridge Toll Booth. These days it's free to cross and this is a fudge come cafe sort of place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        The now defunct Bonded or as they say here Bonding Warehouse.......Will no doubt be apartments when next we happen by.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 A frozen river Foss taken from Castle Mills Bridge. The moon was there I just gave it a hit with the bloat tool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Some folk take their pastimes to extremes......There were icebergs in the Ouse on Sunday. Sorry these are all a bit grey but we can't have sunshine all the time.......Once a week would be nice though.

Am now going to have a good furtle around my lenses with the new lens pen so all images from henceforth should be sparkling bright.

As I mentioned yesterday we are off to the railway museum tomorrow and then down to Whitby for a few days hoteliering. My brother what runs the job needs a break.....Idle devil, doesn't know what work is............So speaks the author as an authority on the subject.


  1. More lovely images Adrian. I love the Timbered buildings they remind me of Chester and Stratford just to name a couple. I think you captured the scenes extremely well on your walkabout showing some of the back street views most of us miss during a brief visit.

  2. Trevor far from archival but gives a taste of the place, I suspect summer light and a 4am start is the answer. Was thinking when I started this insane project that the winter would be a trial. I'll not waste a minute of spring though.

  3. I know what you mean Adrian. It has been so very dark here all day, even worse than yesterday.

    You take really great photos of the architecture you see. Looking forward to you expedition to the railway museum. I guess it will be another of those cramped space events but I am sure you will find a way round problems.

  4. Another enjoyable jaunt round town Adrian. Enjoyed these. Good to see places I've never been.

  5. These are beautiful images, good and wobbly.

  6. Can not believe how alike to Shrewsbury it is nice to see photos of the old buildings.
    Repaired a few around Shropshire and as I have said on one of my blogs its one of these oldies that finally broke my back so to speak,

  7. John, be nice to have a change, we'll see.
    Keith, as towns go this one has plenty of interest.
    Bob, wobbly is endemic in all my photography.
    Tony, Shrewsbury, Chester are both on the list.

  8. I never thought I would enjoy winter scenes so much. I've only seen snow twice, and have never been to England, so am fascinated by your photos. I love the moon scene, it just doesn't look real to me, like stepping into make believe land.

  9. Pauline, snow is great when the light is right and when it's fresh. The moon was enlarged a bit, if it doesn't look right then a bit too much!! Had a sprinkling of fresh snow last night will creep out and see what's what.

  10. If I could live in a palace - it would be one like the warehouse (only with a bit garden).

    And of course we all like the moon picture. For me it isn't because the moon is there; that's just a way of identifying the image. The moon is an essential part of the scene but the kind of scene it is prevents the moon from being either sentimental or astronomical.


  11. Ta Lucy, about froze me waiting for the cloud to clear off. Were the image itself worth it I would make the moon another 50% bigger. I like moon shots as long as they are used to anchor a landscape. On there own.....I tend to think......so what!

  12. You did get a nice set of photographs for this post and the buildings all looked historic to say the least. Some are downright beautiful.

  13. May I respectfully say that I'm glad you didn't enlarge the moon. 'Anchoring' is one thing. Dominating is another. I'd compare it with a setting where a bird is flying over. An ordinary bird . . . gull, say . . . gives a sense of scale and life. People may not even notice it's there but it is, nevertheless, essential to the picture. Put in an eagle - and everyone looks at the eagle instead of the overall scene and the harmony is broken.


  14. Thanks Abe.
    Lucy, if I get bored this image can be improved, OK altered beyond belief. Have just spent five hours processing images for today's post, for better or worse, so it can wait. Thanks and cheers. As an aside respectfully isn't necessary, your opinion is valid. Your portfolio proves it.

  15. The buildings are so beautiful! They look to me like they're bulging under their own weight!

    The second shot there of Copley's of York, it looks like the bricks are just getting ready to slide out from underneath the top floor!

    So awesome - great shots and looking forward to the railway museum photos!