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Friday 15 January 2010

OVERSPILL (15/01/10)

Yesterday was spent at The National Railway Museum. Today we move on and to ensure overkill here are a few more images.

P1141604_3_2_1_0_edited-1     4-6-2 Pacific class locomotive. The streamlined casing is not universal on these locomotives. The most famous of this class The Flying Scotsman isn't so equipped and to my eye is the better for it.

P1141518_7_6_5_4_edited-1    Stephensons Rocket...........This is the forerunner of all current steam locomotives. Her major innovations being the employment of a tubed boiler and the injection of the exhaust into the chimney. This is a replica built for the Science Museum in 1934.

P1141508_7_6_5_4_edited-1 Rocket.

P1141553_52_51_50_49_edited-1                       Looks complex.......then I'm not a train driver...Sob! Know what some of them do so could, at a pinch, get it going. The large lever ctr. right is forward and reverse. the wee wood handled jobby at eleven o'clock from the above is the brake valve, left of this is the regulator-----faster/slower. The long thin stick ctr. left opens the fire doors. Allowing ones man to shovel coal into the firebox or to warm your feet on chilly mornings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      The only Health and Safety notice I saw.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                        Detail of Queen Victoria's  own Locomotive.

P1141548_7_6_5_4_edited-1   My mind just can't comprehend the man hours that must be expended to keep them this clean.


P1141629_8_7_6_5_edited-1   I have no idea but suspect this loco had her wheel casing inspired by the Rose Window in York Minster.

There are more and as I've said the museum holds enough material for several days happy wandering.

Off to Whitby later, truck packing and cleaning first Arrgh!!


  1. Brilliant. The trains are exoctic.

  2. Ah, brings back memories of train travel when every carriage smelt of smoke and hot lubricating oil. Great photos. You have brought out the colours well.

  3. Again, excellent. Superb job on these Adrian.

  4. Hi Adrian.
    The photograph of the streamlined Pacific is Coronation Scot class locomotive Duchess of Hamilton. Personally I never saw it in this livery and even if I had I would still prefer the later style. The Coronation Scots were assigned to the London Midland Region and were regular sights hurtling through Crewe Station with a limited stop express. The continual ringing of a bell signified a through Express and was always eagerly anticipated. The big main line Pacifics worked these trains and were generally the *Duchess* or *Prinneys* i.e Coronation Scots and Princess class engines.
    I saw the entire group of both classes many times over and footplated most at Crewe Works or the South Shed.
    The Flying Scotsman was an A3 type Pacific assigned to the London North Eastern Region (LNER) and often hauled the same named train.

  5. Bob, maybe a touch too exotic with HDR.
    John, yes an enjoyable sortie.
    Keith thanks.
    Trevor, You are several times more informative than the non guide book. It almost manages to avoid mentioning the exhibits.

  6. I often think of the jobs people have which don't have a generic description so you are unlikely to go look for them or hope to do them when you grow up. . . . Like being a train polisher. And, boy! - are those train polishers good at their work!

    I'd like a steam train of my own. (Beats a camper van!)

    The wheel is beautiful.


  7. Great post Adrian.

  8. It's hard to imagine that things so ornate could be so serviceable. Thanks for the trip to the museum.

  9. Well they ruined Duchess of Hamilton with that streamlining! I much prefered the previous version, have a Hornby model of it somewhere.

  10. Being fortunate to have gone to school with a railway line on two sides I saw plenty of engines. Like many children I am still fascinated by 'proper' trains and the sheer power that they represented in their day.

    I have to say that I do like the Duchess of Hamilton in her final livery. Yes. It's fun.

  11. Adrian. Thanks for the trip around The National Railway Museum. Very nostalgic and love your super images,great angles and wonderful colours.

    I find it sad that things we used to be good at making can now only be seen in museums !!!

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Bit of a gap. Hope you are ok.


  13. Pauline, I agree they are beautiful.
    GB, I think I prefer them without the casing.
    Brian thanks, yes it is sad but they built Tornado from scratch here over the last couple of years. So it can still be done.
    Lucy, we are fine, a combination of slow internet and not getting pictures. Am back to normal tomorrow on my way to Ingleborough.

  14. Like GB (I went to the smae school!) I loved steam engines but I'd never seen one of those Pacifics with a streamlined casing. Certainly different!