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Monday 16 July 2012

HOME AND AWAY (16/07/12)



Before setting out on the journey north I went Demoiselle hunting and was rewarded with two of them, both males, I sat around for a good half hour but failed to find a female. The above images will enlarge with a click but as they were shot with a prime 25mm lens they are not of the best.

The run into Scotland was uneventful, showers and sunshine, no delays at the border, a lovely drive up the A68. Why are Americans moaning about immigration delays at Heathrow? They can borrow my passport and try and clear into their country. Not only does it take forever but the staff are obstructive, rude and for the most part ignorant. Visiting the USA is one of the worst experiences I have endured and at one time I was having to travel to or through America half a dozen times a year, not any more or ever again……I hope!

Yesterday I took a wander round Loch Leven. A dull, windy day so not a picture taking day.

P7152423_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1  Loch Leven………………..there is purported to be an Osprey but I never saw it. I saw a magpie and a sparrow or two………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Some Orchids…………….I can’t tell one from another I’m afraid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA horse, a chestnut horse.

P7152443_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1  Tinder or Hoof fungus and that was about it. I enjoyed the wander despite the lack of wildlife.

P7152428_29_30_31_32_tonemapped_edited-1 The sluices that control the water level……………………………and another view.

P7152448_49_50_51_52_tonemapped_edited-1 That’s all for today. Later in the week I’m hoping to tour the Fife fishing villages, I’ll also call in at the RSPB reserve and try to ascertain whether there is an osprey. I’ll take it a fish.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Nice set and an unusual building. Hope they accepted your passport, I always go the A68 (scenic variety) when travelling to the east and sometimes west of Scotland.

    it's a long time since I was in Fife ... The last time was when I called in to see the very bizarre historic nuclear bunker on the way back from some hill walking further north during "foot and mouth" year.

  2. Hello Adrian :-) I've just realised you are back with us! You are a naughty boy going absent without leave. I was so concerned I emailed Keith to see if he knew anything. Anyway, glad you are back but sorry to read on the earlier post that things have been tough lately.

    I hope you have nice weather up there, I believe we have the jet stream Scotland should have which is why our weather is so dire, that's what I heard anyway although it's all a bit beyond me!

    Lovely, atmospheric photos and I think your orchid is the Common Spotted.

  3. You're so right, Adrian, about the immigration into the US. Even Americans hate it. And all the security checks that seem to be necessary have sort of dampened my love of travel. Until my aversion to the hassle is overcome by my desire to see my beloved granddaughter in New Mexico or my sweet and wonderful sister-in-law in Essex, I think I will stay home!

    Good to have you back, posting again. More doggie pix, please. Thanks, xoxo Carol

  4. Some awesome photography.
    Sorry about having problems getting into the U.S. I'm not sure whether it's that we're Canadian or not but it's easy to cross. I have a daughter in Chicago and a son who crosses almost every week end to shop.

  5. You really have some nice pictures here. Lovely captures. I love the cloudy sky and horse eye the most. Looks like a nice day out full of fresh air.

  6. Nice horse eye. I got a good (for me) nose shot at the weekend, only to discover the darn horse had the sniffles. The only good thing I have to say about the one and only time I've entered the States is I might have died having never been frisked had it not been for that trip.

  7. The joys of travel.
    Having never been further than the Isle of Wight, not had to endure passport control.

    Can't help with the orchid ID, but it's a nice one; and the sepia of the sluices is a cracker.
    Enjoy Scotland.

  8. I cycled back from Scotland to the South Coast a few weeks ago and crossed the border on the A68....some great views on that road.....some pretty big hills too.
    Glad to be enjoying your images again Adrian....

  9. I was talking to a friend in West Wemyss about Loch Leven this evening. The problem is that when people refer to Loch Leven I think of the loch on which stands the village of Glencoe. So we were at cross-purposes for a short while.

    I, too, really liked the horse's eye and the last photo of the sluices. I'm looking forward to the Fife villages. I've not been through very many of them for many years and can't remember them so this will be a good renewal of my memories.

  10. love the damsel flies and the orchid but for me the picture of the horse is the best.

  11. Beautiful shots! I love the sluice picture!!