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Wednesday 24 October 2012

SUPERMAN. (24/10/12)

I am still enveloped in dank, damp mist. It is truly awful. The pictures today are from years ago and show pleasant mist filling the Hope Valley in Derbyshire.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Good mist as long as one is above it and not in it.

I don’t want to appear boastful. I have been trying to achieve a level of fitness commensurate with my age and this week all the training and abstinence have born fruit.

I have cut out the Marlboro and am now down to six roll ups an hour. Alcohol consumption is down to a bottle of Scotch a week…..sometimes less, very occasionally more. I have increased my physical training regime. I power walk at least a hundred yards on our wanders. When I remember or the dogs bugger off after prey I deem undesirable. I have forgone all carnal pleasure, not completely voluntarily, such is life.

All this ascetism has born dividends far beyond my expectations. Fit! I’m a superman!

I have equalled Lance Armstrong's record in cycling and I don’t even have a bike……!

Buoyed up with this amazing transformation I have decided to start Pilates. Pilates is practised by attractive ladies…………the same ones that used to be forever washing their hair on the odd occasion I was free to escort them out for a pie and a pint.

So get yourselves a fitness plan, stick to it and you too can equal the achievements of a legend.

Have fun.



  1. I gave up roll ups after the heart attack, but still felt like crap. I'm not giving up the Bells though.
    Good luck with your regime.

    1. See Keith it works. You also have achieved what Lance has.
      I want to remain mortal but bugger the fitness nonsense. Bells is good it thins the blood. Also saves on embalming costs.

  2. So Adrian, you're going to be a pilot?...er...hold on...ah! (I need to get new specs) you're going to be two pilates and you're going to roll up as a Scotsman for a week or so! Well, all I can say is you'll have to be pretty fit to do all that, have you tried wearing some of that pink lycra stuff and walking fast. Ah! a pilate on a bike, you could fly as high as a kite and have a great time making millions. As for pleasures of the canal, what could be better, after a hard day exercising your flying skills, than gently immersing yourself in a muddy river! Hope you enjoy it!!

    It's been damp, dark, dismal, foggy and misty here for days now and I think I'm losing the plot!!

    And the pictures they're beyond Hope. (it's a local saying!!)...[;o)

  3. Trevor, it's dog walk time for me. I must remember to take the dogs.
    I think that Keith on audio me writing crap and you polishing it up could be a winner.......Won't earn a penny but should be amusing.
    This pilottes is something only women do. God knows what it entails but as long as it involves my tail I'm willing to give it a whirl.

  4. Good for you ... but you might want to rephrase the Lance Armstrong comment ...

    1. WHY! He is a fraud. I bought his book and read most of it,

  5. Glad you're running after the dogs, Adrian. Now I'm off to find out what roll ups are.

    1. JoLynne roll ups are home made cigarettes. Posh ones I understand have a wee bit of hemp in.

  6. Love your misty pictures.
    I am pretty loyal to my exercise routine, mostly scared to stop lest I cannot get going again.
    Good luck superman, or is that Superman? Hope you have a great week.

  7. HI Adrian...dear me you crack me to pieces, and even reading the comments are great too LOL!
    I wish you great luck with the regiment you have set before yourself, I found in order to get in a good walk that gets a good heart rate going I have to leave the camera home,and look straight ahead or it is fruitless!!
    Not bragging, but I have never smoked.. "anything" ; } and don't drink, of course I have a bunch of other bad habits : }
    I don't do body building with the guys at the gym, but it might just be interesting to try ; }!!
    Your photos are gorgeous ...sorry about being fogged in!!

    1. Grace, if you don't indulge in substance abuse there is no hope for you in the cycling world.

  8. Okay, tell me something, are you into Lance's medicine?

  9. Dear Superman,
    I have to admit I thought you were talking about fruit "roll ups" (the kind for kids) and thought...holy crap, he's down(?!) to 6 in an hour!

    1. We don't have those here....well I've never heard of them.

  10. By the time I'd got to the bottom of the entertainment I'd actually forgotten that there were a couple of atmospheric pics at the start. Good ones too. As a friend who follows you from afar (near Glasgow and that's pretty afar by most people's standards) said to me the other day 'That Adrian, you know he just cracks me up'. And so you do. It's always a good start to a morning when there's one of your posts to read.