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Saturday 27 October 2018


It's been a funny few days. Thursday I had a run down to St. Andrews and the seaside. I wanted to get some video of waves but they were fiddling and small, no shipwrecks, nobody drownded, in fact nothing to laugh at, at all. I  took the tripod and camera; even remembered a spare battery but forgot the lens mounting plate. The dogs met a King Charles Spaniel who was on an extending lead and it wanted a play but was tying it's mum in knots. She was a delightful Polish or maybe Lithuanian lass who wanted to know why I was taking pictures of the empty sea. We chattered away and I explained I had forgotten the mounting plate. She explained why she kept her dog on it's lead.
"It want to play with every dog we see which is excellent but she only play for five minutes and then she fuck off and jump in sea, then she try and bite me when I scrub her with towel".
I couldn't help laughing at the unexpected profanity and even she found it funny when I explained why I was amused.

Friday. Jen popped up from Edinburgh on her way to Darlington so I was very appreciative. It adds a good three hours to her journey. We had a grand chat and catch up. She came laden with presents, fruit cake, cheese, dog treats and whisky. My sort of lass if I wanted another wife I'd beg her to marry me. Muchty pub is open again but not yet doing food so another disappointment. Jen left full of the apple turnover she had brought with her.

I have been really trying to make Alcove part Two but am having big problems. To put it in a nutshell I am struggling to drop the alcove model into a wall. If I'm honest I have been in a right tangle with Blender all week.

Here are a few images of my messing.

St Andrew's Beach. Very subtle posterisation. I then tried to do the same to the video of which the above is a still and it collected all these artifacts. I wasn't best pleased.

In fact I was boiling cross. I will leave this malarkey as a pastime. It is making me really angry. I must be really thick. I must have re-connected a node I had discarded but can I find it can I hell. I must learn some new words or work much more tidily.

Alcove Part two is done after a fashion. It is stuck in a wall which I found the very devil of a job. I have never had much luck with Blenders Boolean whatsits so I went into the face menu and used knife, I then had to rebuild faces and muck about with normals for ten minutes,
 Here it is stuck in a wall....Great.
Not so great the little black shadow thingy shouldn't be there. I can't work out what is causing it. Bother, Bother Blow. I bet it is all down to Brexit or Trump. I wish I could be a Leftard and blame someone or something else for everything.
Both the wall mesh and the alcove mesh are reasonable. I must be dislexsic.

Don't forget to put Your Cock Black tonight. 


  1. I can feel your frustration, Adrian. What you need is more time with a Tolish part with a dendly frog.

    1. Richard it would be the death of me. I do struggle with 3D stuff. It is just a matter of remembering so many key strokes and then getting them in the right order.

  2. It's a good job I keep my hair trimmed at 3mm otherwise I would be tearing it out trying to fathom out Blender operations. It is so annoying when something completely unexpected happens. Otherwise the knife operation worked a treat.

    1. John, now and again everything goes to plan. This is not the same knife tool that I used to create edges. I'll send you an email next time I use it as it's under Mesh>Faces in edit mode.