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Friday 19 October 2018


In all the turmoil of the world we live in the seasons remain the same.

Not a good year for autumn colour but half reasonable.

I love thinking of ways to model 3D stuff. This is my state of the art.

A really posh alcove in a wall. I'm hoping to make a movie out of this. Ignore the top bit as that produced this. I'm fighting for a super clean mesh for animation.

Needs more work I think. Put in crap get crap out.
 I am not averse to one click solutions. If one in a thousand folk think; I've used one, I'll delve deeper then the jobs a goodun. If they are satisfied then likewise.
A child who is a right little sod showed me this. He suffers from (INAGS.)* Many children seem to suffer from such things, I did and my son did; it's normal. They have letters after their name before they have left primary school these days. He understands things intuitively Look at this.
On the left is Blenders sphere mesh an on the right is what he came up with it's a cube with a sub division surface modifier. Bloody genius level computing as it makes for clean meshes.
* INAGS stands for:  I Need a Good Slapping.
Have fun.



  1. Much more Autumn colour there than here.
    Hitchcock always found a way to appear in each of his films.
    Will there be a bust of AW in that alcove I'm wondering.

    1. No John, I was thinking of a pumpkin with a candle in but every time I cut holes in it my meshes go tits up. Ever the optimist I want a flickering candle in a bit of a vegetable. This and a moving camera. I know it's possible without render times going really stupid. Time is precious at my age.

  2. Replies
    1. Probeer Blender, het is Nederlands moet gemakkelijk voor je zijn.

  3. Hi Adrian. Great images! Your autumn seems to have got off to an earlier start than ours, but we're starting to see some fine colours now.

    Looking forward to seeing what finally does appear in that alcove!

  4. Richard it started weeks ago then sort of stagnated. The alcove is a bit of a pain.

  5. We were in Wales yesterday - a beautiful day - and remarked on the large variations in the autumn colours from one location to another along the way.