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Monday 22 October 2018


Ever since I got my mew nouse on Saturday I have been trying to get a good simple alcove. The mouse is a fit bast but the following HowIDunit is in real time. I have always speeded up previous Howtus. I still do the voice over afterwards as the audio input driver on my laptop has been acting the fool. So has my GPU but after two goes at reinstalling the driver for it it seems to be behaving itself. I ought to offer my services to folk with driver trouble. I'd prefer to offer my services to nubile young ladies that aren't in trouble but those days are long gone.
This is supposed to be a tutorial and I healy rope I haven't forgotten anything. I know it isn't up to the standard of most on YouTube but the more of them I do the better I get.
Whilst waiting for YouTube I noticed this little splash of theirs.
I think they are packing the tiss. My premier would be very intimate with all three viewers.

Here is the Alcove video it is about 8.5 minutes long. I hope someone learns something from it. It's a cunning stunt.
It is 2K and is best watched at the best resolution your broadband will tolerate. I did compress it in Handbrake but only from 110MB to sixty odd. It should be fine at 1K or 720 I think they call it.
Have fun and ask when you need clarification.


  1. Streat guff Adrian. Just the right speed. Don't know about you but I find that many (most?) instructional videos for Blender are very rushed and I'm forever having to rewind and watch bits over and over trying to spot what the mouse is showing and at the same time watch what the mouse pointer is doing. Now marked as a favourite so I can find it easily when I feel like having a go (Joe).

    1. Thanks John, Yes I think they speed them ip a bit.

  2. I was trying to think up some witty Spoonerism, and failing, and then managed to forget it altogether! I'm getting rather good at forgetting things these days, but I did find you 'instructional video' fascinating, Adrian.

    1. Richard, I enjoy Blender and am slowly getting to the stage where there aren't too many hiccups.