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Sunday 16 December 2018


Dear Liz,
We went to bed at about sixish last night as it was freezio. Then the rain and hail started and I read most of a Whodunnit whilst it hailed and sleeted. It went quiet. I fell into slumber then Moll started yipping. Alf joined in. I used my special words but with little success. Moll had seen the snow and wanted out. It was three O'Bloody clock. I gave in and let them out to roll and frolic in it. I shut them out but had just got back in bed when they were yipping to come back in. They do look very white but were more than damp and thought the duvet the best place to dry off. Your duvet is still in it's bag till spring. If politicians had either children or animals they would not piss about with trivialities like Brexit.
Love A.

The dogs love snow. 
Moll thinking this is funny snow I don't sink in.

Alf has found his ball. Try and get it I dare you.

Just to add to my good humour I have plowed through a Peter May book called I'll keep you Safe his previous efforts kept me reading. Well written but a frustrating read. He's gone a bit PC but his heart wasn't in it. Lesbos and pooftas are a minority and not something I can relate to. Good job it was only £1.99p. I was tempted to pay about six quid for it. He would have heard if I had. Terrible book and rubbish compared to the Chessmen or Chesspeople or worse still chesspersons.
Have a good week. Sorry about the compositing but I've about had it with Blogger.


  1. I'm hoping for some snow here soon, Adrian, with the thought of getting some better light on owls in flight - fingers are crossed.

    I'm very much into Peter May books at the moment, having got hooked by the Lewis trilogy. I've been scouring the charity shops on a regular basis and have found 16 of them so far. Am currently reading Blacklight Blue as I work through the Enzo Files books by May. Have read I'll Keep You Safe and agree, it is a bit of an odd one.

    Best wishes - - - Richard

  2. Richard, it's still here but only on north facing slopes. The owls here only seem to fly in pitch dark.