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Friday, 14 December 2018


I thought for two seconds before using this title, it's a little rude and so is the attitude of the Fourth Reich to our un-esteemed Prime Minister. They never learn. I recognise she is a complete waste of space with the negotiating skill of a lug worm but have a little respect for the title if not the incumbent of it. It's the little people who suffer and bear the brunt of globalist ambitions. Westminster Bridge has ugly concrete and dead folk, children die**in Manchester and on it goes. We now have an EU army, as the French have found out it is to quell civil insurrection not to fight the naughty muzzies and Russians. The latter only have to turn of the gas to cripple western Europe.
I could go on and on.
 It is forecast to snow, I love cold and snow, -7°C this morning, sunny was about to happen on our first wander.  We walked and walked up to the Dragonfly swamp. No dragonflies but I did find an interesting lump of rock.
This isn't a cup stone or at least I don't think it is. Locally these are known as the staines. It was a drovers stop on the road between Perth and Auchtermuchty. Why they chiseled a cup only they know. There are other stones but they are just lumps of rock lying about. Can't have been an early incarnation of snooker played with a caber as the others don't have a cup. I guess early 17th century golf.
The dogs on the old coach road. It's in good fettle as the timber trucks use it.
Away in the distance is Dragonfly territory. I'm hoping to snap a few more next year, there are also lots of Grass Spiders so I'll hike my body out to try and catch an image or two.
 It was a dullish cool day for snapping but Photoshop can pull detail, thank the pixel manipulator programmers and Canon for a superb manual lens.
Have a good weekend.
* The children are just lost according to the gurning May. They are lost because a thick towel head blew them to smithereens. I guess they are down a drain after the pressure washing so perhaps she is right for once. 
Happen she thinks they will be found. Only an idiot could think that, a barren idiot bred from a man without moral fibre and the mate of a mass murdering doctor. How did we end up with it?


  1. Adrian, forget politics and enjoy your snow when it comes. Even the PM can’t stop the snow ⛄️

    1. Frances, I take no notice most of the time but the politicians were at a loss and asked the plebs to decide. We did and then they jump back in and bugger it all up.
      This post is quite balanced I think.
      I'll stick to image creation. My virtual Christmas tree looks good if a little sparce for a spruce but the lights are causing me some grief. Just taking a break as I thought ScheiƟ drauf.
      Snow came last night but preceded by torrential rain and hail. I just got back to sleep then the dogs noticed it had snowed and wanted to go out at 3am. Little devils. May being barren has never had animals or children to cope with....It shows.