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Thursday 25 April 2019


I have been busy. A few weeks ago the machine had a major fit and though it is back to better than normal now I seem to have lost half of MS Office. The only bits I use are Word and Xcell or whatever the spread sheet bit is called. I only use the latter infrequently as a posh calculator if I have the same job to run with differing input values. Usually it's more trouble to set up than it is to use a calculator. I have uninstalled MS Office installed LibreOffice, had a quick look, it seems fine, probably of more use to me as it has a dedicated mathematics page.
I have made or modelled my first proper gear with no overlapping faces, like a dog with two tails I am.

This mesh is awful but it is clean and clear of double vertices. I must apologise to Mark for the derogatory observation I made when confronted with his peat wagon mesh. This is far worse but it is an accurate spur gear. It isn't going to get any better as I can see me having to loop cut the teeth to get it to animate in Rigid Body Physics. Blender 2.80 is accepting Functions now so with a lot of help from OTVINTA I have got this far.
I'm away for a walk as my head is about to explode. Only three more gears to go and I'll have the makings of a clock final drive.


  1. Impressive! I'm looking forward to seeing your final 'virtual clock', Adrian. Will it tell the virtual time in analogue format, or will you be sticking a digital display on the front, generated by the mechanism ;-}

    1. Richard, it will be analogue with Roman numerals. A few years ago I was asked how do you type Roman numerals. Told them I have a special keyboard for the job.

  2. Adrian, you're obviously gearing up (get it?...[;o( ) to give us something good here, I'm looking forward to the final reveal...[;o)

    1. Trevor, I have finished the gears and added all the constraints but when I animate the buggers they just wobble about. This job gets very complex. I'll either sort it or post later anyway as it's worth a laugh.

    2. PS. It could be Blender as it isn't due for release until July. I'll get the latest Beta version and give it a whirl in that.